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In spite of various government and non ~government organization efforts in taking technology to schools , teachers seem to be a lethargic about ICT integration in education,especially in curriculum delivery. 

Who /what is to blame? Is it the ever changing technology space ( myriad & sometimes software applications and hardware ) Is it the whole philosophy behind ICT in education programs? Have we become complacent  and unwilling to change with the times? Are teachers afraid of integrating technology in education?

Why is education behind the entertainment industry in embracing technology?

 Give us your view based on your experiences! 

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No do not scare the problem is the access since their early schooling. It becomes difficult to use something that you did not get used to it previously. But something good to have in our minds is to get opportunity and use it effectively, because we are all permanent learners.

i am a Bangladeshi Taluk Shakhati High School Teacher . No do not scare the problem

The teachers who are not exposed to the proper use of technology in the education are afraid of it as its a very new unknown fact for them.

On the other hand once the teachers who start using it are very comfortable with it and it has enhanced the learning process.



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