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I have worked in the international school scene for eight years now and have noticed that there are many teachers out here in the international scene who would make excellent volunteers or organizers for global ed or development projects. More, many of them really feel the need to spend some time working with less privileged students.

The trouble is that just as in international ed there is a learning curve people have to ride out before they know how to find a good fit. Most intl school educators know the intl job fair scene (UNI, Queen's, ISS, Search, TIE, Carney Sandoe, etc.) but are unfamiliar with how to go about getting an appropriate position in the dev/global ed sectors.

My suggestion is that global ed organizers could get UNI et al to allow them to recruit from their databases free of charge. The idea being that it is better to let the teachers find the work that is best suited to them and many in the intl school scene need a break from teaching the privileged. Moreover, because of the relative privilege that teachers, admin and students in the intl school scene have there is an element of 'giving something back' at play here and the recruiting services and fairs may well want to contribute as good corporate (or non-profit in a couple of cases) citizens. Lastly, this is some of the best prof dev that intl school educators can get!

Any thoughts? Other ways we could expand the human resources pool for global ed projects? On the negative side: have you heard of any disasters where projects have been unable to find the right person or, worse, have hired the exact wrong person because no one else was available?

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