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I am currently developing a new course on Human Traffic, looking at the historical background to wage slavery, slavery, serfdom, prostitution, child labour and refugee/immigration issues.

Can I forward some modules as they are prepared with the hope of having the content vetted for accuracy and then submit the entire course (with powerpoints and readings) as shared curriculum?

Developed for college level.

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Good Afternoon Elizabeth:

I would be please to review the modules and offer comments and suggestions.

Take care,

Larry Byrnes
Sounds exciting. I know many teachers would love to use it as supplemental resources. Here in BC we have a Social Justice 12 course that it fits into well. Look forward to learning more about it. Thanks, Noble
Hi Larry and Kelly

Thanks for your offer to look at my modules as they become ready. I am delivering in Jan 10 so I will be pecking away at this throughout the semester.
Hi Elizabeth, Your course 'Human Traffic' sounds very interesting. I am pretty sure I am too late but if I'm not I would be interested in reviewing it. Will you offer the course on line? Thanks, Kamala
Good Morning Elizabeth:

I hope all is well with you. I would appreciate an update on the development of the course.

Take care,take it easy, and take it to the limit one more time: but not necessarily in that order!




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