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Ward Updates from Ngarenanyuki & Leguruki Wards, Tanzania July 2016

On the first day of Trainer Workshops with the teachers from Ngarenanyuki and Leguruki  we asked the teachers to work in four groups to discuss the big question of "What has been happening in your school or ward during the April-June 2016 term?"

There were four categories that the trainers were asked to discuss and answer. There was lots of talking and sharing…


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Visit to Nkoasenga Primary & Secondary Schools July 29, 2016

Yesterday we spent the morning visiting two schools in Leguruki Ward in Tanzania. We met with Mr. Tito, principal, of Nkoasenga Primary School and spoke to him about his school. Nkoasenga Primary has ten teachers and 630 students which made for busy…


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Pictures from our visit Nkoasenga Secondary Schools July 29, 2016

Makungu's Lesson Outline  for Form Four Civic's lesson at Nkoasenga Secondary School.

    Students working together to review.

 Busy discussing their…


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Day 3 Teacher Trainer Workshops in King'ori, TZ July 23rd, 2016

 We finished day three of our teacher trainer workshops last weekend. That was the day that the teachers used the skills that they have acquired and developed over several years of Education Beyond Borders (EBB) workshops. The fourteen teachers have attended teacher training methodology workshops in collaborative teaching, differentiated instruction and inquiry…


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First Day of Trainer Workshops July 21 2016

The morning was bright and sunny as we started our first walk through King'ori village to the CKC Centre. Many locals watched our group of four mazungu women as we walked through their village. We received many greetings of jambo, habari and mambo. Absalon and Jesse (two local teachers) were already at the CKC waiting for us to arrive. They both helped us set up for their…


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Tanzania 2016

Saturday, July 16th


Karibuni Tanzania!


Karibuni is a word that we hear from the moment that we land in the Kilimanjaro Airport to daily walking the streets of Arusha. Everywhere we…


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Miririni and Nkoasenga Secondary Schools

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012


Nkoasenga Secondary School is led by the vibrant Fides Shirima. Shirima was the only school head who attended the principal’s meeting plus all three days of workshops. Shirima’s laugh is infectious but it’s her dedication to her students and school that’s truly admirable. Mkoasenga has German donors who support the…


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School Visits to Leguruki and Maruvango Secondary School

Tuesday, July 24th


Our school visits began at Leguruki Secondary School. Leguruki is a private school with 120 students, 50 of whom are boarders. The school has a generator to provide some power. The generator was provided through a project with Arusha Technical College. We were warmly welcomed by Mr. Emmanuel Loi and Mr. Urio. We visited the…


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Market Day, Tanzania 2012

July 19th, 2012


Children smiling, women in colourful kangas and an assortment of good for sale were the sights that greeted us as we arrived at Leguruki on market day. The market was alive with vendors selling, women buying and children watching the wazungus (the foreign visitors) walk through the market. My eyes were immediately…


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Collaborative and Inquiry Based Learning in Arusha, TZ

July 18th, 2012


 Teachers were divided into two groups for the four workshop days: science/math and English/humanities. Science/math were in workshops on Tuesday and Thursday while English/humanities attending on Wednesday and Friday. This allowed us to deliver the same workshops two days in a row and make improvements from feedback for the second session.


Our first set of workshops focused on collaborative learning techniques. Through…


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First Day of Workshops in Leguruki, Tanzania, 2012

Monday, July 16th


Our first day of workshops at Shiston Secondary School in Leguruki Ward in Tanzania passed in a flurry of smiling faces, discussion and plans for the week. My star moments were when I was able to reconnect with teachers that I had met last year. Teachers were from the five secondary schools in the ward: Shiston, Leguruki, Maruvango, Mirini and Nkoasenga. The morning started with questions that would guide the discussions for our week. Groups were…


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Arusha, Tanzania 2012

July 13, 2012


I’ve already been in Tanzania for six days which is so hard to believe. I already feel so far away from my usual western world. When I arrived last Sunday evening the Kilimanjaro airport was crowded with people arriving to climb the mountain or others ready to go out on safari. I felt like an anomaly in the crowd, more visitor than tourist. Abu picked me up and we headed down the highway for the forty five minute drive to Arusha. With the window rolled down I…


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School Visits in Leguruki Ward, Tanzania 2011

We awoke each morning to the sounds of children playing in the school yard at Mbaaseny Primary School. The first morning the children were very curious about the mzungu teachers at their school then got used to us being there. Each morning the primary students gathered on the school grounds to sing the East African national anthem and their school song. On our final morning they completed active morning drills while singing. One song was about all of Tanzania’s national parks. The morning’s… Continue

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First Few Days in Arusha, Tanzania 2011

Aarthi Naidu and I traveled together from London, England to join our team in Arusha. We were greeted at the Kilimanjaro Airport by our team leader Shannon Howlett and her family. The trip to Arusha was a forty minute drive through a scenic landscape of rolling hills and corn crops. Unfortunately the corn crops have mostly failed this year and the World Food Bank will be working in the area to help feed people. We were joined later in the day by our other team members Katharine Kan and Clare…


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Workshop Day at Shiston Secondary School, Tanzania

When we woke up Monday morning it was still dark out side and we began the task of packing the van and traveling to Shiston Secondary School. We were prepared for forty eight teachers from the five ward secondary schools but were worried that no one would show up. We had no idea what to expect or whether the teachers even wanted to be part of the workshop. We arrived at the school by 8:15am and began to set up the classroom, registration table and supplies. The first few teachers were from…


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The Journey Begins


Today is the beginning of my 2011 journey back to Kenya. I am sitting in the Toronto airport waiting for my flight to London, England. It's the start of two days of traveling and thinking about my family at home but also my friends in Kenya.

This year I am also fortunate to be working with EBB in Tanzania. A small group of EBB volunteers will be visiting Aursha, Tanzania to introduce teachers to EBB and our workshops. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet new teachers…


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Thoughts about Kenya, 2010

I felt fortunate to be part of a hard working, dedicated and prepared group of educators.Our Naivasha team had

decided to prepare the…

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Facilitator Workshops in Gilgil

Wednesday, August 11th and Thursday, August 12th

There have been so many "Aha" moments the last two days both for Canadian and Kenyan teachers. As we exchange ideas and thoughts about teaching and our classrooms we're learning how to work together. On Wednesday we split into two group to work on differentiated and inquiry based learning. As we presented our ideas and information we used collaborative learning techniques to group the Kenyan teachers so they were able to…

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Collaborative Teaching and Learning

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Today our facilitator workshops focused on collaborative learning and teaching. There was lots of laughter as we shared ideas throughout the day. We facilitated an introduction to collaborative learning using a

reading circle approach that had the Kenyan teachers reading their…


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First Day of Facilitator Workshops

Monday, August 9, 2010

This is the first day of facilitator workshops with the Kenyan teachers at Utimishi Academy. Many of the facilitators arrived last night so we had a chance to get to know

each other over supper. Today there was an amazing amount of great discussion

about Professional Learning Communities (PLC), the graffiti activity questions



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