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5 Success Tips for First Generation College Students

Going to college can make it possible to make connections and learn skills that can help both now and in the future. If you are the first in your family to go to college, you likely have little knowledge of what to expect while there. Here are a few tips that can make your college experience productive and enjoyable.

Find a Part-Time Job

While you want to focus primarily on your studies while in school, a part-time job can be helpful a couple of different reasons. The primary benefit from a job is the paycheck that can help with student loan payments or providing you money to pay incidental expenses. In addition, a job can help you learn skills or gain experience needed to find higher paying work in the future.

Don’t Worry about Joining a Fraternity or Sorority

There are plenty of ways to meet people on campus even if you don’t choose to join a fraternity or sorority. For instance, there may be a science or political club that you can join to meet others who share your interests. Social media is another great tool that you can use to make friends during your college years.

Don’t Forget about Your Health

It is important to dedicate time to care for yourself both mentally and physically. Ideally, you will sleep for at least seven hours a night and exercise for at least 20 minutes a day. Exercise can include walking around campus, playing with your pet or anything else that requires you to move.

Go to School in Your Home State

Unless there is a specific reason why you are going to school in another state, it may not be in your best interest to travel far from home. Staying in your home state typically means paying less in tuition each year. If you stay in your town or city for college, live at home if you can as it could save thousands of dollars in room and board costs.

Look for Scholarships

A scholarship can cover some or all of your college tuition and other expenses. Scholarships may be available to those who excel at sports, get good grades in high school or through local employers. Unlike student loans, a scholarship does not need to be repaid. Schools like the University of Maryland University College offer scholarships for military families.

As the first person in your family to go to college, you have accomplished something that you and your parents should be proud of. However, now that you are in college, it is important that you make the most of your education.

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