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2020-2021 Cases

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  • ICC v Talaat Pahsa - Armenian Genocide was ordered by the highest levels of the Ottoman Government. Prosecution: Will represent The ICC Prosecutors who will two charges against Talaat Pasha for killing, forced removal, and stealing of property of the Armenians. The Armenians were killed or injured by the hands of the Ottomans. This was and is a Genocide, a War Crime, and a Crime Against Humanity. Isn't it about time we turn our classroom into a courtroom and do this now. Judges: Will ask questions about the Ottoman Policy in this area. 
  • ICC v Barack Obama Et. al. -The USFG is spying on its citizens through data mining with the help of private telecommunication companies. NSA is allowed by law to spy when they obtain FISA Court warrants. Now this program is obtaining information from cell phones, texting, emails, and computer searches of millions of people all over the U.S. Prosecution represents the ICC and the people who have been violated under Article 8 2 b (i,iii) Defense will represent Barack Obama and USFG officials 
  •  ICC v George H.W. Bush Et. al. - The USFG illegally began a war of aggression on Iraq in 1991. This was not a matter for the US to get involved in and had no legal status to do so.  Prosecution represents the people of Iraq and world who have been violated with Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes. Defense will represent President George H.W. Bush (41) and high level administration members. 
  • ICC vs President Andrew Jackson – It is 1840, and President Andrew Jackson has been charged with crimes against humanity regarding the removal of the Cherokee.This resulted in Crimes against Humanity. Defense will represent the Andrew Jackson and members of his cabinet
  • ICC v Harry S. Truman  President Truman ordered two atomic bomb attacks against cities in Japan at the end of WWII Prosecution: Will represent the citizens of Japan and elsewhere who were injured as the result of these nuclear weapons. This was a both a War Crime and a Crime against Humanity.  Defense will represent Harry Truman 
  • ICC v Barrack Obama et. AlDrone attacks ordered by the highest part of the U.S. Administration in Yemen killing US citizens without benefit of a trial. Prosecution: Will represent the citizens of Yemen, world and the US concerning the ability of the USFG to kill citizens of any country. This is both a War Crime and Crime against Humanity. Defense: Will defend US foreign policy in this area. 
  • ICC v Macedonia- The Macedonia government worked in cooperation with the US and other countries to take people from their country and torture them in other countries. Prosecution: Will represent Khaled El-Masri and others who were tortured by the Macedonia government. This about rendition, Crimes against Humanity. Defense: Will defend Macedonia 
  •  ICC v Adolfo Francisco Scilingo- Chilean Naval Captain who was in charge of allegedly killing people who were against the government in Chile. Prosecution: Will represent the victims of violence in Chile. These are Crimes against Humanity. Defense: Will represent Mr. Scilingo 
  • ICC v Saddam Hussein Saddam Hussein in the course of his leadership of Iraq committed many different crimes against Humanity, War Crimes, and Crimes against International neighbors. Prosecution: Represents Saddam Hussein victims Defense: Represents Saddam Hussein
  • ICC v Joseph Stalin  Joseph Stalin in the course of his leadership of Russia created conditions that caused the Holodomor- the starving of 7-12 million Ukrainians.  This includes both Crimes against Humanity and Genocide. Prosecution: Represent the people of the Ukraine  Defense represents:  Joseph Stalin.  



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