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Conspiracy? You Decide A Role Playing Learning Tool For High School Teachers


Role playing simulation learning tool

Each Conspiracy is designed to be interactive and include the entire classroom

At the end of each experience- please contact Michael Cunningham and schedule a joint Conspiracy Conference


Each Conspiracy will consists of people or roles for your students to play

The student(s) will research the role they are playing and report on what they have learned

Each student will present a PPT or Video to demonstrate what the person they playing believes to be true.

The teacher will direct a final conference and all students present to the class.

After this classroom activity schedule an International conference and present to another school half way across the earth.  See what other people think after they view the same material or study from the same point of view. 



You divide your class into two groups.  One group will be on one side and one group on the other.

Then you divide each member of the group and give them a role to report to the group about.

Each member will develop their own PPT or video to back up their character

Then the group forms their opinion and writes up their case from the evidence

The classroom then becomes a Moot Court.  One team of two against another team of two students

The class and teacher decides on which side did better

Then this same process is done with an international school to see how you think compared to these other schools.

1963 Witnesses Against the Lone Gun Man

1963 Participants Support of the Lone Gunman Theory- Warren Commission Report

Captain Westbrook 

Capt. Fritz 

Capt, Fritz  

Vice President LBJ 

Jack Ruby   Another Jack Ruby

Ruth Paine    Ruth Paine 2 

Police Chief Jesse Curry  

Warren Commission Report NBC

Warren Commission Report  Firing Line

Warren Commission Report CBS

The Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald TV 1964



1960's authors

Mark Lane

Roger Craig

Penn Jones      Jones Book   Jones Witnesses  Baylor Library Collection

 Jim Garrison  Garrison Tapes 1   2   3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12

NBC TV Story On Garrison



Geraldo Rivera

Garry Shaw



Oswald TV Trial    1   2  3 4

Later Authors and Researchers

Jerry Korth

Jim Marrs

Gerald Posner   Interview

Bill O Reilly

Vincent Bugliosi   Reclaiming History

Jim Fetzer

James DiEugenio

 Judyth Baker

 Bill Simpich


Oliver Stone

Zapruder Film

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