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Prepared Debating Motions 2011


Senior Motion # 3


  • THW impliment a medical parol system in South Africa

    Junior Motion # 1


  • THW ban violent video games for children.

    Junior Motion # 3

    THW will establish a National Health System in South Africa.


    SACEE practice Motion


  • This House would ban Beauty Pageants.

  • This House would not grant citizenship to children born in the country of illegal immigrant parents.

  • This House would remove citizenship from naturalized citizens who are convicted of a crime.

  • This House would keep incarcerated convicted sex offenders beyond the conclusion of their prison terms for the sake of public safety.

  • This House would de-unionise the military.

  • Motions from rounds 5 and 6 and Senior Gauteng Provincials 2010.

  • This House would provide free education in prisons.

  • This House would provide religious instruction in prisons.

  • This House would support the creation of the Media Tribunal.

  • This House would support the Protection of Information Act.

  • This House would give government tenders to companies that have gone “green”.

  • This House would ban advertising of the Adult Entertainment Industry.

  • This House would protect third world industries from external competition.

  • This House would legalise consensual cannibalism.

  • This House would prevent celebrities from running for public office.

  • This House believes that South African trade unions have too much power.

  • This House would provide aid to third world countries in exchange for the promotion of women’s / gay rights.

  • This House would partition the Sudan.

  • This House would criminalize the non vaccination of children by parents.

  • This House would pay teachers on perfomance.

  • This House would ban factory farming.

  • This House would not negotiate with pirates.

  • This House believes the War on Terror is Justifiable.

    Schools in 2009 league grouped by region


    Prepared Motions 2009

  • Senior 1: This House believes that China and India bear equal obligations with the West in fighting climate change.

  • Senior 3: This House believes that provide heroin users with safe injection facilities.

  • Junior 1: This House believes that gay communities should “out” gay celebrities.

  • Junior 2: This House would legalise the sale of human organs.

  • Motions : Used at National School CHampionship 2007


  • This house supports an international boycott of the 2008 Beijing Olympics in protest of China’s human rights abuse.

  • This house believes that the use of torture is justified in the war against terror.

  • This house believes that the Sam public should vote for the State President directly.

  • This house would make holocasts denial a criminal offence.

  • This house believes that convicted petty criminals be sentenced by the community in which they committed the crimes.

  • This house would ban AIDS during trials in impovished communities.

  • This house believes that African peace keepers should be used for African conflicts.

  • This house would have the United States suspend aid to Pakistan.

  • This House would give fathers the right to veto abortions.

  • This House believes that B.E.E. only benefits a select few.

  • This House believes that the United States of America should lead the world.

  • This House believes that South Africa should never have diverted scarce resources towards the World Cup.

  • This House believes that social grants are detrimental to the development of society.

  • Medium:
  • This house would lower the minimum legal working ago to 12.

  • This house would make the names and addresses of convicted paedophiles publically available.

  • This house would ban polygamy for all forms of legally recognised marriage.

  • This house believes that violent and destructive protest action is response to poor service delivery is justifiable.

  • This house would make all university graduates complete 1 year of community service upon completing their degree.

  • This house supports the decriminalisation of prostitution.

  • This house would make voting in national elections compulsory.

  • Junior:

  • This house supports the use of racial quotas in national sports.

  • This house would censor violence and discriminating rap lyrics.

  • This house would make physical recreation in state schools compulsory.

  • This house would abolish trade unions.

  • This house would make South Africa companies withdraw from Zimbabwe.

  • This House would legalise prostitution.

  • This House believes that it is not the responsibility of the education system to provide sex education.

  • This House would tax religious organisations

  • This House believes that a lack of corporal punishment has led to poor academic development.

  • This House believes that the United States of America is not ready for a black president.


    Addition Topics:

  • This house would make illegal all forms of commercial and private hunting.

  • This house would remove all restrictions from the Internet.

  • This house believes that all forms of copyright piracy benefits the consumer.

  • This house would ban the use of human embryos for scientific testing.

  • This house would hold soccer clubs responsible for the behaviour of the fans.

  • Enviromental preservation should take precedence over human development.

  • This house believes the media pays lip service to feminism.

  • This house would regulate foreign ownership of S.A. land.

  • This house believes that the morals of South African should not relfect in the laws.

  • That teachers should be allowed to strike.

  • The developing world cannot afford enviromental protection. (topical)

  • This house believes that all ..


    Junior Quarter Finals:

  • This House believes that the Government does not do enough to protect homosexuals.


    Senior Quarter Finals:

  • This House would support the disbandment of the Scorpions.


    Junior Semi-Finals:

  • This House condemns violence against foreigners but supports xenophobic sentiments.


    Senior Semi-Finals:

  • This House would forced businesses which benefited from the Apartheid regime to pay reparations.


    Junior Finals:

  • This House would fear the Zuma presidency.


    Senior Finals:

  • This House believes that Thabo Mbeki’s mediation has had a positive effect upon Zimbabwe.

  • General:

  • School uniforms are not necessary.

  • Terrorism is never justified.

  • The death penalty should be brought back. (never)

  • The use of "dagga" should be legalized.

  • The Goverment should enforce a period of Public Service for all South African youth

  • Personal immorality should not disqualify anyone from Public Office.

  • This House believes that school uniforms are unnecessary.

  • This House believes that terrorism is never justified.

  • This House would bring back the death penalty.

  • This House would legalise the use of marijuana.

  • This House would/should enforce a period of Public/Community service for all South African Youth/ graduates/ matriculants.

  • This House believes that personal immorality should not disqualify anyone from holding public office.

  • This House believes that the pursuit of scientific knowledge should be limited by a concern for societal good.

  • Professionalism in sport undermines the game.

  • The South African Lottery should be abolished.

  • The South African Government has a responsibility to fund the arts.

  • Affluent nations should be compelled more refugees.

  • This house believes that compensation should be made for the injustices of previous generations.

  • Hate speech should be banned.

  • Hiring women is good business.

  • Every pupil should be able to write exams in his or her home language.

  • The physical redistribution of land is the only way to solve the land crisis.

  • Medical personnel should not be forced to perform services against their beliefs.

  • The legalisation of sex work is contrary to the Constitution.

  • Euthenasia is at times the best way to assist chronically ill patients.

  • The needs of humanity should take priority over the needs of other animal species.

  • Reality television is undesirable.

  • Introducing the jury system would benefit South African justice.

  • South Africa should be the policeman of Africa.

  • Initiation schools are undesirable in South Africa.

  • This house deplores the influence of American culture.

  • Monarchism has no place in the contemporary world.

  • Stricter environmental controls make economic sense for South Africa.

  • The very rich give more to society than they take.

  • South African business undervalues the contribution of traditional healers.

  • The United Nation has failed in its task as a keeper of international peace.

  • The visual media is robbing individuals of their ability to think.

  • The South African government is over zealous in its efforts of regulating the private sector.

  • South African employment legislation encourages unemployment.

  • The developing world cannot afford to have environmental protection.

  • The media’s portrayal of history causes change.

  • The people of today have lost the ability to distinguish between fact and fiction.

  • The parents of today cannot be held accountable for the way they raise their children.

  • The manner in which equality is being promoted is contrary to the spirit in which it is intended/ is being implemented/being protected.

  • The State is not fulfilling its constitutional obligation to protect each individual’s inherent human indignity.

  • The South African government has the duty to protect the rights of their citizens even if the citizens are found beyond the national borders.

  • This house would regulate the foreign ownership of South African land.

  • This house believes that the media only pays lip service to feminism.

  • This house believes that the morals of South Africa should not dictate its laws.

  • This house believes that professionals/essential services should be allowed to strike.

  • This House believes that every student should study a black language.

  • This House believes that farm subsidies in developed countries should be eliminated immediately.

  • This house believes that democracy will not work in the Middle East.

  • This house believes that for democracy to truly succeed, capitalism must be succeeded.

  • This house believes that tradition has no place in the modern world.

  • This house believes that South Africa should take care of destitute people before aiding the rest of the world.

  • South African medical aids should recognize traditional medicines.

  • This House believes that South Africa must introduce a basic income grant.

  • This house believes that South Africa should have only 1 official language.

  • This house believes that the South African judiciary is under threat.

  • This house would deny organ transplants to non-organ donors.

  • This house would refuse to play sport against regimes that systematically abuse human rights.

  • This house believes that a lack of service delivery justifies violent protests.

  • This house believes that the ANC has failed the people of South Africa.

  • This house believes that an obsession with the past is holding South Africa/ Africa back.

  • This house would legalise performance enhancing substances.

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