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Food For Thought- Come Join Us Action Plan 2018-2019

We are looking for our second group of 100 high school or middle school teachers to sign up for a curriculum based classroom project- Food For Thought. For the past decade we have run video conferences on sharing food and cultures. Now we have added Google Classroom and made this project even better.

It works when we have teachers, like yourself, join and plan different presentations around a monthly theme. These theme vary with the months

Sept. Sandwiches, Breads

October- Cookies and Candies- Local customs

November- Main dishes- Local customs

December- Celebration Food, Drinks, Customs

January- Quick food- local Customs

February- Sandwiches- local customs

March- Rice dishes, fruits, nuts, cereals- local customs

April- Celebration Food, Drinks, Customs

May- Breakfasts Across The World

June - BBQ outside cooking- local customs

Register HereNow right here by clicking on this link and filling out the form.

Watch a presentation

Food For Thought will hold its first monthly video conference. The theme of this month is bread. We are going to look at bread from all over the world. That includes: Flat bread, wheat bread, potato bread, rye bread, etc. 

Each school will sample the recipes either at home- or in class throughout the month. A good project would be to pick one type of bread and make it. Then each student will construct a 23 slide power point over local breads and sandwiches. During this process students will be doing this individually. About a week before the actual video conference- each participating school teacher will pick one or two the very best in their class to showcase at the video conference. At this time- a teacher may assign several more students to help present and field questions from the world wide audience. 

Each presentation on Sept. 26 will be done in English; will include recipes and pictures of the food. Many schools have a finished product to show the other students. The presentations will begin at 11:00 GMT on that date. We will video the live presentation and questions. We will publish this video each month on our website. We will also this year have every student turn in a monthly project and we will publish those as well.  We will use Google Classroom, Schoology and Edmodo.

What does this do? What does this accomplish for the students?

They learn presentation skills. They learn how to present in English, how to answer questions in English, and they learn how to ask questions in English. In essence they learn to think in English by learning more about food. There is an old adage that way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Now we have put a new twist on this program- a way to learn a language is through your stomach. Everyone eats. Everyone has a fun, and most of all everyone gets to learn a great deal more about other people and cultures. 

You will open your classroom to the world and you will see a new and much different result in your student. Are you ready for a change, are you ready for improvements? If so you are ready for Food For Thought.  If you have not registered your classroom do so now at 



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