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House of Commons- Youth Parliament- Video Conferences Nov. 26-30


The House of Commons Debate


Students will examine the following questions prior to HOC Video Conference and decide whether they agree or disagree with the statements provided. They are challenged to research information to support their point of view so that they can debate and support their position throughout the HOC debate.

1. Freedom of expression is something that should be protected.

2. Freedom of expression should be unconditional.

3. Restrictions on freedom of expression are a form of censorship.

4. Freedom of expression should supersede other rights.

5. There are other rights that should supersede freedom of expression.

6. When an employer imposes penalties , sanctions or even dismissal to an employee who exercises their freedom of expression, that employer has denied that employee a fundamental right.

7. Expressions of freedom by the individual during their leisure time ie. Facebook. should not be grounds for dismissal from work.

8. A person has the right to exercise their rights of expression even if it incites violence or political upheaval.

9. Countries that fail to support freedom of expression should have U.N. sanctions imposed against them.

10. There are forms of expression that should be excluded from protection under the law.

Video 1 Sample  HOC debate as it happened between Sintermeerten College in the Netherlands and Prince Andrew P.S. TVDSB, Canada.

Video 2 Sample This files contains a windows media movie that shows a genuine HOC debate as it happened.


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Register Here For The Time Project For Nov. 26-29

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