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How to Prepare to Have a Fantastic College Application

So much rides on how well a student does on his/ her college application, especially if that student’s goal is to get into a competitive college. The students who have the best chance at getting into the colleges of their choice have spent a great deal of time preparing. As with any important goal, there are only a few critical steps to take in order to meet with success. For college applicants, it boils down to these four things. 

Take Extracurriculars

Fast Web encourages students to take extracurriculars that will get the attention of college admissions boards. Activities like academic clubs, student government, volunteer work, and internships count as a few of the best choices. By doing these activities, students demonstrate commitment, well-roundedness, and drive, all of which are traits that college-admissions professionals want to see.

Write Submission Essays

Students who write outstanding college essays demonstrate their ability to write well and to create an argument that stands up to scrutiny. A well-written personal essay does that. This singular activity shows college-admission boards who a student is. The college essay also shows how that student’s experience better prepared them for school and life. Essays that do all of these things can mean the difference between a student getting into the college of his/ her choice or not.

College Prep Courses/ Schools

College prep courses and by extension, college prep high schools give students an academic leg-up. These courses/ schools prepare students for college by encouraging students to take AP and honors courses, study abroad opportunities, and sometimes even dual enrollment. (Dual enrollment is where students take college-level courses in high school for college credit.) In other words, the courses are as rigorous as college courses. This gives students an opportunity to learn how to work at a college-level before they get into college.

Study for the ACT/ SAT

Most colleges and universities require students to take either the SAT or the ACT. The more competitive the school, the more important these tests become. While it’s important to study for the SAT/ ACT, it’s even more important to take related coursework. In other words, a student’s academic coursework should provide the main preparation for these tests. Studying for the tests will only solidify the knowledge that the student gained from the classes.

Creating a fantastic college application isn’t something that can be done overnight. In fact, the best college applications have been years in the making. The students who are best prepared for the university application process have spent years preparing. They’ve written excellent admissions essays, done extracurricular activities, taken college prep courses, and studied thoroughly for the SAT/ ACTs. The final result for many of these students is acceptance into the college or university of their choice.

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