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Learning from the Internet: 5 Valuable Skills YouTube Can Teach You

The Internet can help facilitate life-long learning, and there are many different skills that a person can learn simply from watching YouTube videos. There are innumerable things to be learned—far more than these five valuable skills a person can learn from the internet. To get you started, check out these tasks below.

How to Cook

Cooking is a basic life skill for everyone. Once you move out into the big, big world, no one will be there to make your food for you unless you spend all your money on eating out. Therefore, learning to cook is a great skill to have if you’d like to live on a budget and eat something beyond instant ramen. YouTube is a great resource for learn a skill like cooking. You can learn anything from basic skills to complex baking techniques and everything in between.


Few students are required to take more than a few weeks, if any, of home economics in most high schools. This means that few people graduate from high school and move out of their parent’s house knowing how to repair their garments. This skill can save you in a pinch, save money, and save your favorite clothing. You can correct this situation within a few minutes with the help of a good tutorial and some simple supplies. Watching specific tutorials on your desired task can help you know what supplies you’ll need, how long the task will take, and the proper way to do things.

Changing a Tire and More

Every car has tires. These tires go flat. It’s a common enough occurrence. While changing a tire should be part of any driver’s education class, most people do not get the necessary hands on experience until it’s an emergency. If you have a cell phone with a network connection, you can learn to change a tire in fifteen minutes or less. YouTube can also help you with other repairs and maintenance tasks like oil changes, antifreeze fill-ups, replacing smaller car parts, and more.

Math and More

The things you learn in school might escape you without frequent revisiting or use of your knowledge. For example, algebra and math in general is used far more than most people realize, even though it is more basic than what most basic algebra courses teach. You can listen to lectures, learn history, and more with just a few clicks.


Learning how to garden can reduce an individual’s food budget. Learning to nurture and grow plants to produce food is rewarding and can be incredibly relaxing. Additionally, it helps you get outside and spend time in the sun. Research your area for the best plant varieties to cultivate in your own garden.

Not every skill will be valuable to your situation. But it won’t hurt to better yourself and expand your mind by regularly learning new things. Find your interests or areas you’d like to be more educated in and search away! The internet can help you on your journey to knowledge.

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