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Pearl Harbor Did We Know That This Would Happen? You Decide

Pearl Harbor Did We Know That This Would Happen?  You Decide


Dec. 7, 1941 will be a day that will live in infamy.   Why?  Was it because that Japanese Navy had made it half way across the Pacific Ocean to bomb the U.S. fleet at Pearl Harbor or was it because the U.S. after being warned as well as having broken the Japanese codes knew exactly what the Japanese Navy was doing and did nothing about it.   You make up your mind.

Divide the class into two groups.  One being for a Surprise and being for the idea that the U.S. knew.  Each group will then create a video or ppt over their findings.  After you have done this in class experience please contact Michael Cunningham  to schedule an international video conference to discuss your findings.


Surprise Attack

New York World Telegram

Japanese View

US View Point

Radio Broadcasts

ABC News Special Report

Japan’s Disastrous Attack

Castle Films

FDR Dec. 8 Speech To Congress

Roberts Commission Report


Not A Surprise

Thomas Fleming


Military Secrets


Everything You Know Is Wrong About Pearl Harbor


US Warned

Give Back Their Ranks

US Knew


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