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Public Education- A Conspiracy To Promote or Control Students?

Public Education- A Conspiracy To Promote or Control Students?


President Lyndon Baines Johnson (LBJ) started the Great Society and programs like Head Start to help people get a great start in our society.  A little over fifty years later Miha Vindis, a LBJ School Ph.D. student at the University of Texas wrote an article entitled, Global Trends 2030 on July 25, 2012.  She explained that the world has changed in many ways since the Cold War ended. The internet and mobile communication have opened up new possibilities across the world. As high-tech, high-value generating industries are no longer bound by national borders or access to restricted resources; a new world order has begun to emerge. In this new world education has become even more important. The US – and the West as a whole – has seen its advantage in economic, technological and defense arenas erode, because we are beginning to fall behind the rest of the world. While the political establishment debates, increasingly on ideological grounds, the future of America is at risk.


We has happened to Public Education.  Once a system that would instruct the future leaders of the world, today it has become the babysitter of the people who will be the ward of the state forever and ever- is this true?  Divide you class into two sections.  Have the students review the materials and prepare presentations (video or PPT) and convince the other side.  Then when you are done contact and learn what schools are doing half way around the world.




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