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Creativity .

     Creativity is hard to define, even among psychologists who study it intensively. John Baer said that " creativity refers to anything , someone does in a way that is original to creator and that is appropriate to the purpose  or goal of the creator." Its means creativity people can be creative in the ways they lay out, for example: write poems,write novel, arrange child care schedules, plan a vacation, teach multiplication, play tennis, cook, drive,highly valued artistic or scientific activities, etc, creativity isn't limited to a few special. Creativity, the kind all of us have, use, and enjoy. Creativity is refers to anything someone intentionally to limit human creativity for example machines may be able to think or act creativity -in fact, this is a subject that quite interesting, Computer generated music or poetry.

     Creativity to anything someone does in a way that is original to the creator and that is appropriate to the purpose or goal of the creator, this means that whatever it is that some craters, it has to work. If a child playing the sting game cat's Cradle invents a new way finger one of the “cradle “ it's creative if it works. A solution ,idea,or work depends on one's purpose in creating, There are many other legitimate ways to thinks about creativity, of course, such as equating creativity with creativity genius.

    The idea that our creativity changes depending on what we` are doing seems like common sense, For example: Learning to teach using ICT is creativity, ICT is more than a teaching tool, it potential for improving the quality and standards of pupils' education is significant. Equally, its potential is considerable for supporting the teacher, both in their every day classroom role, for example by reducing the time occupied by the administration associated with it, and their continuing training and development. The potential of ICT to liberate users from routine tasks and empower them, for instance, to focus on the creative and cognitive rather than procedural  aspects of writing, or make accessible vast amounts of information.

Divergent Thinking according Guilford's model included 120 different thinking skills in a complex, three dimensional taxonomy of cognitive skill,His goals was to create a map that would contain and some degree explain, all possible varieties of human thought. There are important part creative thinking.

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