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It doesn't take much to make a difference. It's up to you! In short, Education Beyond Borders relies almost entirely on what our members do. It has become substantial precisely because it is home-grown, grassroots, and honest. We need your help. In times as precarious as these, teachers may be our only hope! Many core functions are run by committee and you can join the various committees by contacting the respective Chairs below. For other volunteering interests, please email

EBB On Campus: This program is designed to support global awareness and the EBB network by creating opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to communicate globally and act locally! Click EBB on Campus link under groups for more info. To work on this committee, please email Noble Kelly.

Membership Outreach: Frankly, we haven't quite figured out how Education Beyond Borders has circled the globe, but our true strength is this: our membership. We need a real push to gather and engage members, because the more there are, the better it gets. We're all about connecting teachers to information and each other, and our strength is in numbers. This is a PRIORITY. To work on this committee, please email Betty Anne Kiddell.

Curriculum Development: We need people to write and share curriculum (lesson-plans, teaching tips, great web sites, culturally accessible materials) which will be freely available to (and desperately needed by) teachers around the world. Rather than “deliver” curriculum top-down fashion, Education Beyond Borders is about creating curriculum as collaborators and enlist others in making their voices and wisdom heard, worldwide.

Workshop Facilitation: As a workshop facilitator you will not only help to develop the workshop sessions and package as stated above, but you will be part of a team that travels to the region/country of need to deliver the workshop content and share best-practices in your area of expertise with your colleagues. We make a call for applications through our network first so please join. You can find our application here.

Translation: A web site and training materials in English is not consistent with our goals as an organization without borders. We are in desperate need of translators for our web site and online/offline course materials.

Regional Support: Education Beyond Borders receives requests for support from all corners of the globe. We are amazed at how far we have been able to reach, based upon volunteers and good will. We need people who take an interest in a particular region. Such an interest would involve being connected consistently with teachers in the field, possible travel there, coordination, and support. This is how Education Beyond Borders grows, and really is a source of our strength. Every country needs support; follow your passion. Get connected.

Media/Marketing: We need people who are able to create short, compelling films from video we have captured in many of our travels; we need editors; we need people who can create Macromedia flash files for use in our teaching materials; we need copyright-free Pod-casts and other radio shows in different languages; various print and social media. To work on this committee, please email Nicholas Longstaff.

Impact Assessment & Evaluation: We need people to evaluate our training materials and courses; evaluate our programme/processes; create evaluation rubrics for our projects. It is one thing to provide education and quite another to tailor it to the needs of a community so that it is effective and efficient. To work on this committee, please email Kimberly Brown.

Technology Support: We need expertise in general web support and helping with our e-learning and online collaboration models using technology.

Fund-raising & Grants: It is amazing what a small group of committed people can do. Be creative! Choose a region, work with a partner there, focus on a goal, and reach it. We'll do whatever we can to help. There is great potential to raise funds through researching and applying for various grants. This is one of our biggest priorities because it limits our ability to take on any of the numerous requests we receive. Please consider working on this committee - email Kin Lo.

Organizational Partnerships: We simply cannot do this alone. Get Education Beyond Borders linked to other sites and the word spreads. In fact, Education Beyond Borders is not about building an empire or planting our own flag; we're all about local partnerships, international support, and sharing our efforts. That's why we enter into partnerships with generosity, and that's also why membership is free. It makes it easy to create partners! To work on this committee, please email Noble Kelly.


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