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Who are our members?
All teachers and advocates of education worldwide who share our philosophy and values are intrinsically part of our organization and can take the role of either facilitator or participant. The majority of participants of our projects (teacher/education development workshops) have been educators but may also include: community workers, NGO employees, government employees, student leaders, etc. Facilitators of projects are certified educators but may also include trained professionals in various fields.

What does a member get for joining EBB?
Principally, EBB members receive the benefit of affiliation. They sign up because they want to be a part of something, make a difference, and cause change, and EBB allows them to pursue those objectives. Many teachers join because they want to learn and make a contribution to the world, not to “get” something from us. Beyond the intrinsic desire to work towards change, members join to gain opportunities that will help them connect, create and collaborate immediately with their colleagues worldwide. Members play a central role because each member possesses an important voice that guides EBB’s efforts as a demand-driven organization.

How does EBB empower its membership worldwide?
EBB asks its members what they need and does its best to meet those needs. If a community of teachers request particular curricula, EBB will connect this group of members with another group of members that has experience in developing and using such curricula. If EBB members experience a national disaster that hinders teachers’ ability to serve students, EBB will solicit help from other members to address the challenge as a team. We now have a database of hundreds of educators from across Canada eager to volunteer to create and deliver best educational practices workshops to their colleagues in developing regions. We base all our workshops on the needs of the host communities and the curriculum of that nation. Though our existing projects have focussed specifically on delivering best educational practices workshops in the areas of English, math, science, information technology, and various methodologies (assessment strategies, cooperative learning models, etc.), our membership have expertise ranging from early childhood literacy to adult education and in numerous subject areas including: entrepreneurship, agriculture, health, nutrition, character and peace education, and HIV/AIDS education.

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