Science is a subject that seeks to explain the physical and natural phenomena in the universe. I always remember my former professor of Biotechnology at the University of Toronto who told me that Science is TRUTH. Scientists look for truth. In other words, they seek explanations to all visible and invisible occurrences around us.

I have been teaching Science/Chemistry for five years, and it's been an absolute joy! I always tell my students that "science is a lens through which we see the world." In today's modern society most decisions require that we have some basic understanding of science and technology.

I wonder how do my colleagues across this brave new word of ours engage, empower and interest students in Science? What should be the purpose of science education? How does science education help advance under-developed and developing countries? What is our understanding of the nature of science? And finally, what does science mean to us personally?

These are just some of the questions that I think about. My answers to these questions evolve over time; some are reaffirmed and others are challenged by new ideas that emerge from life-long learning.

Mirjan Krstovic, OCT

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