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Honduras 2012

In April 2012, Mr. Kelly went to Honduras and spent time in three different regions (Tegucigalpa, Copán, Roatan) to explore possibilities of working with local NGOs to support the delivery of quality education through our model. SEPLAN (Secretaría Técnica de Planificación y Cooperación Externa - Ministry of Planning and External Cooperation), facilitated a very successful presentation/meeting at the National University for Pedagogy with various NGOs to discuss a collobarative approach to support education as part of the work articulated in the national strategy document “2022 Vision” for Honduras. Many potential partners are willing to work with EBB.

The unique aspect of the visit to northern Honduras was that many of the teachers are trying to revive the Mayan language and develop their indigenous curriculum. Teachers in the Bay Islands are also looking at the development of curriculum that honours their history and culture. Knowing this supports our initiatives and other opportunities to connect with other indigenous communities in Canada, Australia, Kenya, etc. to share stories. 

There is strong interest to work with partners to support teachers in rural and isolated regions in Honduras through EBB’s teacher professional development model and communities of practice.

To view more photos from this trip, click here: Honduras 2012


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