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Kenya 2015

This year myself and 2 other EBB facilitators delivered our second joint trainers’ conference near Gilgil, Kenya. There were 31 trainers from 4 districts and about 6 others representing some of the community partners who came together to network and collaborate on issues and solutions that will advance teacher professional development in their areas.

We worked with the trainers for 2 days that would support them moving forward. Time was devoted to the following activities:

  • Environmental Education through Experiential Learning: Led by one of our community partners and now an EBB-Kenya board member, this session provided trainers with practical applications to teach about environmental sustainability while learning about the benefits and strategies for effective experiential learning.
  • Peer-supported Professional Development. This workshop focused on the role of PD plans, and guided trainers through the process of writing their own PD plan.
  • Program Evaluation and Data Collection. Trainers provided feedback about the previous year’s progress and articulated goals for the coming year that will direct their leadership in their planning of future programming.
  • Designing New Workshops. The focus here was given to designing a Student Leadership workshop.
  • EBB Kenya Sustainability and Evaluation. Discussions were held on the topic of EBB Kenya sustainability and governance, as well as the importance of impact assessment and ongoing data collection.

For the first time this year we facilitated a two-day Head Teachers/Principals’ Leadership Conference in Laikipia and in Gilgil. This helped school leaders to get a better idea of the EBB program as well as provided them with strategies to be more effective leaders to support student learning. This conference was very well received.

A huge THANK YOU to our team who volunteered for the 2015 program:

Stephen Mureithi (Gilgil)          Jane Mwangi (Gilgil)   

Munga James Wanguya (Laikipia)      Emily Mbugua (Laikipia)

Sammy Wanjau  Maureen Hillman  Eileen Hood  Noble Kelly


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