Education Beyond Borders

Naivasha 2011

Many new teachers attended the workshop. 66% of participants were attending an EBB workshop for the first time. These new teachers were able to learn student-centred methodologies as well as get connected with their PLC. Moses Muthoki, the newly appointed Kenya Coordinator, led the PLC session and ended it with the members of each PLC standing in a circle as he encouraged them to look around the group while thinking about the fact that these colleagues would be their encouragement and resource as they teach in their individual schools.


In addition to increasing the number of participants in the Professional Learning Clusters and as part of the advance stage goals, seven teachers were trained in facilitation.  Also, 6 teachers were trained in and implemented workshops to train their colleagues as facilitators.  These 13 teachers are active members in their individual PLC, many of them having leadership roles. The training of these teachers further developed the ability of the local teachers to continue professional development programs without international involvement. A netbook and training has been provided to district PLC coordinators which should help with communication between the PLCs and with EBB mentors and access to resources and information to continue the peer-led professional development.


A huge THANK YOU to our team who volunteered for the 2011 project:

Kimberly Brown

Anita Hayhoe (lead)

Vanessa Liston

Clare Mian

Ian Robertson

Beth Warner (lead)




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