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Tanzania 2011

Tanzanian teachers were introduced to learner-centred methodologies and were supported in implementing these concepts into their classes.  The workshop participants were engaged, enthusiastic and receptive to trying learner-centred methodologies.  The 34 Tanzanian teachers also appreciated the opportunity to learner from one another and to share ideas with other teachers from their ward and the five teachers from Canada (there was also one Kenyan facilitator who joined for part of the time).  This year served as a test project to assess potential for a full EBB cycle in Tanzania.  Some Year 1 goals were achieved even though this was an abbreviated version of Year 1.  We conducted in-country methodology and began discussion of future training of local educators based on locally-identified needs.

A strong relationship based on friendship and sharing was fostered between the EBB members, the community leaders and the Tanzanian teachers. Connections have been made with local education officers within both the offices of the DEO and the Leguruki Ward., our facilitating local partner, will continue to follow up with the Tanzanian teachers on implementation of strategies as well as identifying target areas to work on for a full Year 1.



Connections have been established with a neighbouring ward (King’ori) as a possibility of expanding the project outside of Leguruki. A teacher resource centre is under construction in the village.  There are plans for local teachers to carry on with their professional development through this facility.






A huge THANK YOU to our team who volunteered for the 2011 project:

Kimberly Brown

Shannon Howlett (lead)

Katharine Kan

Clare Mian

Aarthi Naidu

With support from: Moses Muthoki & Mali Bain



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