4 Unique University Majors that Deserve a Closer Look

There is no question that a college degree can open many doors as far as advanced positions and higher salaries. However, too many people think that they are stuck getting a degree in business or education. The fact is that there are many unique and interesting degrees available at universities throughout the world. If you have an interesting skill or a unique hobby that you would like to pursue as a career, these four degree programs may be perfect for you.

Comic Art

If you love comic books and have always dreamed of creating your own series, the Comic Art program offered at Minneapolis College of Art and Design may be perfect for you. The degree allows students to merge storytelling with images to create visual narratives found in the comic industry. Students experiment with conventional and experimental aspects of telling stories through comics as well as skills related to other forms of creative media. Graduates receive a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a focus in Comic Art.

Family and Consumer Science

Although many schools have eliminated home economics as part of their curriculum, Liberty University offers a Family and Consumer Science degree that prepares students for contemporary family life. Students who complete the program may obtain licensure to teach students skills that were often taught in home economics classes. Students are provided instruction in child care, nutrition, marriage and family relationships, cooking, sewing and life skills. Many graduates continue their studies in a master in public administration degree program in order to seek leadership positions in social service agencies or education industries.

Nautical Archaeology

The Maritime Studies program at East Carolina University is the world’s leading underwater archaeology program. Students are provided hands-on underwater training as well as instruction in document research and other practical skills. Graduates have obtained positions as contract archaeologists, cultural resource managers, curators and teachers at all levels. The program includes cutting edge remote sensing, ROV and archaeological survey techniques that attract employers. If you enjoy underwater exploration and history, this could be the perfect degree program.

Popular Culture

Bowling Green State University offers students a Bachelor of Arts in Popular Culture as well as a Master’s degree in the subject. Students may take the program as a second major regardless of what other degree programs they choose as a major. The program defines expressive practices of everyday life, including mass media, along with individualized forms of expression, such as holidays or food. The program studies new cultural forms as well as traditional popular culture. The program focuses on the ways that expressive practices in pop culture convey, challenge and influence social norms, values and history.

These four unique and interesting degree programs provide an interesting change from traditional degrees like medicine or history. Although all of the programs include general education requirements to provide students with a well-rounded education, the degree focus allows you to delve into subject matters that meet your unique interests and career goals.

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Comment by Krishnali Mishra on August 29, 2016 at 4:13

I would like to mention one such unique program that one of my student wanted to pursue. Its Herpetology. He said, "Mam I want to do herpetology, suggest me some universities". I was like, Herpetology? I know what it is, but I don't know if any university provide this program. I tried to divert his mind into other biological branches that majority of universities offer as not many universities provide courses in herpetology but he was very keen to study behavior, development and genetics study of reptiles and amphibians and his dedication makes me search for such colleges and universities. Read more


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