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International Inner Beauty Day- Video Conference- What is Beauty Around The World

What Is Beauty?



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Model Diplomacy Program Join Us- Action Plan

We are gathering schools all across the world who would like to join us doing Model Diplomacy.

Register Today For This Program…


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Things to Know When Moving to Australia as an International Student

Australia is the land of opportunity and while some look forward to permanently migrating to the continent or settling there for good, there are those who merely look to get some of the outstanding Australian education to help them further their career. The…


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Come Join Us For Our 18th Year Of Collaborations- World Class Schools- Food For Thought- Moot Courts

Video Conferences Every Month

Food For Thought- Presentations Of Food…


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Come Join Us For Both The YMCA Moot Court and The International Moot Court Sept. 2018- June 2019

Congressional Hearings

South Australian Mock Trials

Ontario Bail Hearings

Ontario Moot Courts

YMCA Moot Courts

and so much more…


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5 Advantages of Going to a Technical College

High school is over, and it is time to start seriously considering where you are going to head next with your life. While you might be chomping at the bit to jump into a job, the simple reality is that you will not likely find much in the way of high-paying jobs without some kind…


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How internet affected the modern educational process

Modern education process has changed due to the use of the internet. Teachers today use it to supplement lessons, communicate with the students and even hold online lectures and courses overseas. The widespread use of the internet has opened up education in poorer countries and distant learning…


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3 Ways School Safety Can Be Improved By Technology

While gun violence in schools is in fact a hot topic right now, the fact is that out of all of the potential threats to young children, gun violence still only affects a very few. While there will probably be no easy and simple answers to protecting schools from gun violence, there are a number of other safety issues that affect children that technology may provide answers to.…


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Part of learning, which students cannot escape

Essays form part of learning and students cannot escape them. Every student must write essays during their life time in their learning institutions. Whether in school, college or at the university the essays are a must. The essays could be course works, term papers or even case studies. When you are overwhelmed with the assignments, it is important that you contact the services of an online writing agency. They will help you finish your many tasks within your institutions deadline and…


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Concerned for Your Kids? 4 Things to Look for When Choosing Their School

As a parent, you want to do the best you can for your kids. Education is a major thing to worry about, and making sure your kids go to a good school is a good idea. The following are four things to look for when choosing a school for your kids.



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Making It in Marketing: A Short Guide to Advertising in Business

Businesses live and die by their marketing strategies. Providing amazing products is one thing, but that won’t matter if no one knows about them. As a business student, you'll eventually be starting businesses and designing products of your own. Whether your ideas have just launched or you've been working on them for years, here are a few tips on how you can make the most of your marketing efforts.…


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Active Careers: 4 Job Choices That Don't Make You Sit Behind a Desk

If there’s one truth about being an office worker, it’s that sitting behind a desk all day while you complete your work isn’t exactly an exciting endeavor. While such a position can come with its benefits, it’s not a lifestyle befitting everyone. Certain people are much more active and don’t want to be trapped behind a desk to make money. As a student approaching graduation, here are 4 potential career tracks to keep in mind if you don't want to be stuck behind a desk.…


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Better Your Budget: A Few Tips to Keep Your Finances in Check

As a young adult, it’s so helpful to get a good understanding of how to manage your finances. If you cultivate great habits in your twenties, you’ll experience a compounded effect of wealth, abundance and prosperity. Proper money management involves simple practices, but they can be difficult for many to execute. The key is discipline. Exercise discipline and use these tips to keep your finances in check.…


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Early Education: How to Give Your Children a Jump-Start on Life

Experts believe that children should begin learning as soon as possible to stimulate their minds for elementary school. As a parent, you can find an assortment of ways to teach your child before she enrolls in a public elementary school.

Have a Library…


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7 Things You Need to Know About Working Abroad

A lot of people jump at the opportunity to work in another country because it provides a different experience. However, what most people do not understand is the fact that the experience is different for everyone. Some people might have the time of their life working in a different country while others might have a very difficult time adjusting to the new environment.

Before you make the decision to chase careers and relocate to another country…


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Becoming Bilingual: The Best Languages to Learn in College

One of the best ways broaden your horizons while in college—not to mention add some serious credentials to your resume—is to master a foreign language. It doesn’t matter what field you’re planning on going into, the globalized world needs polyglots. So, what language…


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7 Reasons To Spend A Gap Year Studying Abroad

Many people would say that the time they spent in high school or at university was the best period of their lives. But, you can make it even better if you decide to…


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Benefits of Studying Abroad

College is one excitement-filled, stressful, but ultimately rewarding experience. While the idea of studying abroad doesn’t enter everyone’s head, we think it’s definitely a great option to consider, especially for students who seek adventure. If you’re wondering about what else is out there and why you should look at foreign colleges if you want to combine excellent education with cultural exchange, we present a few benefits that might motivate you…


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