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How internet affected the modern educational process

Modern education process has changed due to the use of the internet. Teachers today use it to supplement lessons, communicate with the students and even hold online lectures and courses overseas. The widespread use of the internet has opened up education in poorer countries and distant learning opportunities for a broader range of people. In fact, it can be claimed that the internet has erased any boundaries in education.

It is hard to overestimate the role of the internet in the modern education process. The contribution to the improvement of education can be described with the help of the following comments:

  1. Lesson enhancement. Teachers have made good use of the internet to enhance lessons. They use the internet to give students extra resources, study materials, and educational games. Therefore, the quality of the educational process gets much better. Many colleges today use the ‘hybrid’ model, where courses are done online. It saves the students from commuting to a brick-and-mortar campus. Research materials are available online, and students can comfortably complete their homework, tests with much ease, no need to visit traditional libraries to carry out research. With vast knowledge on the internet, a student can easily gather relevant information upon any search.  Availability of specific websites and online encyclopedia has allowed students pursue different subjects in much greater detail.
  2. Communication. The internet has allowed instantaneous connection of teachers and students. With improved communication, teachers can now assist students after the classes through the use of live chats and video conferences.
  3. Convenience. Some universities like Harvard, Stanford, and Yale have opened up free online courses which everyone can access and undertake for free. Another example is “Granny cloud”. It is an application used on Skype that has enabled retired teachers and other volunteers to teach children in developing countries such as India how to read. In general, thanks to the internet, it is now much more convenient to find any information since you do not even have to leave home. What you need is just to have a device and the access to the world wide web.

The Internet is a solution to the numerous modern students’ problems. Today, they are forced to combine work with studies to get money for their living. To such students professional help is inevitable. Very often, students get assignments that they cannot complete due to the lack of time, energy and knowledge, and this is where the internet can come in handy. Nowadays, there are a lot of online writing services that help students to deal with their school, college or university tasks. One of such services is Ozessay which can be easily found and accessible on the internet. Now it is no problem because you can easily order college admissions help and have your work done. In fact, it is hardly imaginable how people could do it in the past when such services didn’t exist, and students had to complete their tasks on their own.

It is undeniable that the internet is very useful and helpful during the educational process since it helps with the following:

  • Learning language: numerous tools and websites offer language learning materials. One of the well-known services is Duolingo. There you can start learning any language you want simply sitting at a computer.
  • Interactive materials: innovative devices are also available on the internet. Teachers can easily download them and use in the classrooms to make the studying process more interactive and exciting. Most learning materials are now visualized, so there is no need for 3D printing.
  • Research: the internet carries volumes of information, and with just a ‘click’ you will get information you are interested in from varying sources.
  • Communication: students and teachers can communicate through various media ranging from Skype to e-mails. Teachers and professors can easily send instructions to the students via video conferencing and live chats.
  • Personalized experience: e-books, websites, apps and learning games enable students to learn at their own pace. Students with the unique learning needs can seek the use of special apps.
  • Accessibility: the internet gives instant access to knowledge. Students can easily find solutions to problems, so that they can get a holistic view of the subject.


The Pros and Cons of the use of internet in the modern educational process can be outlined in the following manner:

The Pros:

  • Research has been made easier
  • Students can interact with other students worldwide.
  • Enhance distance learning
  • Broaden students mind by exposing them to things outside their periphery.
  • Contributed to personalized learning, the teacher can easily control students time in tests
  • Automate student grading system
  • A student can learn life skills through the internet
  • Prepare the student for future deep-rooted technology

The Cons:

  • Access to inappropriate content; pornography, crime etc.
  • The disconnect of students from the social interaction-the internet has created social anxiety on youths since they can only interact online and not face-to-face
  • Getting involved in cyberbullying
  • The Internet has enhanced cheating. Students Google almost every task.
  • The internet has distracted students in class activities. They are only glued to online games and social sites like Facebook and Instagram.
  • Not all students have access to technological resources
  • Lack of interest in studying: Technology has made every resource available anywhere anytime. This has resulted in students skipping classes because they already have the notes with them. Such students have made Google their teacher thus developing poor studying habits.
  • The internet has led to students developing a lazy attitude towards education, and most have even forgotten the nitty-gritty of studying. Most students who use computers often misspell words because they use spell checkers most of the times.
  • Some students have deduced shortcuts of solving the mathematical equations, they just look over the internet, and for sure they get ready answers. These students are likely to fail exams because of the poor studying skills.

To sum it up, the internet has influenced the modern educational process just immensely. The changes caused by its wide usage in that sphere can be referred to as positive as well as negative.



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