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Facilitators Preparations for The Teachers Seminar

After five days at Utumishi Boys' Academy preparing for a week long Naivasha (Kenya) District teachers seminar, it feels anxious to think about the outcome of the collective effort. The nitty-gritties have to be combed through but then that is just the start. The week was not just exciting seeing the team disagree on principle then concede and agree to a particular way that all the same delivers the objective but also provided a time to reflect on what influence a teacher wields.

I should stop and muse at the kind of experiences teachers have. From the very embarrassing to the very inspiring.The ordinary to the unbelievable. There always lives the opportunity - great or small for any teacher anywhere, under whatever circumstances and with all kinds of sacrifices or risks - to make that difference. Even what may appear impossible, perhaps with a little more soul-searching and scrutiny, it is possible.

It is all too easy, maybe escapist (pardon) sometimes to conclude that the difficulties are all too ordinary, too normal. But then what is the measure for the ordinary and the normal? We, teachers, have it all in our hands and hearts. I feel it is time to find that which is within the reach of our hands but even more importantly that which lies beneath the surface, deeper in our hearts.

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Comment by Noble Kelly on August 15, 2010 at 1:57
Very well said, Moses! I look forward to ready your posts and you are definitely a leader among your peers. Thank you for all you are doing and wish I can witness everyone's success this week! Don't forget to cheka kidogo! ;)


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