2010 in Review


First, I wish you all best for the New Year. The year 2010 was particularly difficult for Haiti: Earthquake, cholera, contested elections, and mismanagement of donations, etc. This much we know. While much of the
attention has been focused on the desolation and frustration of the victims, I
thought it worthwhile to share with you a few positive anecdotes.


1. Haiti has once again shown its resilience in extreme circumstances.


2. A number of you, via various social networks, have shown your support by donating your time or money or both.


3. Some of you have made it possible for me to continue my volunteering in Haiti, while supporting other

initiatives that are now in the planning stages.


4. I interviewed for a teaching job (which I turned down), and the interviewer, whom I had met for the very first time called back to offer her support for Haiti by doing a fund-raising at her school.


5. There was also a second or third grader (from my violin class), who asked me if there was anything, she and her classmates could do to show support for Haiti. I was so touched that I did not know how to respond.


6. How about the 10-year-old of an acquaintance, who personally baked and sold cookies at his school to raise funds for Haiti?


7. You may also remember a picture of me wearing a blue and red bracelet (Haiti’s national colors), made by a friend of a friend to support Haiti.


8. I personally know of people who are now wearing many hats in order to make a difference in Haiti.


9. How long could you stand to sleep in the most comfortable tents? Imagine millions of Haitians who have had to adapt to living (sleeping, learning, working, or worshiping) in tents for an indefinite time.


10. We salute those of you who still believe in a brighter tomorrow for Haiti.


Finally, I ask you to continue your support for Haiti and its people. However, I will remind you to give wisely and to demand proof that your donations are going to the intended causes.

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