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How to Get Students Interested in Agriculture

While agricultural careers may not be most students’ top career choice, the agriculture sector is a booming industry. With high rates of employment and increased job security, the world of agriculture may hold your dream job. Read on to learn why agriculture may be the right industry for you.

Take Advantage of High Employment Rates

Many students that are just leaving high school or college often struggle to find a solid path of employment. Students that are interested in agriculture find that there are thousands of job openings in this industry. Moreover, the employment rate for graduates with agricultural degrees is 100%. With statistics like these, students interested in agriculture have very high prospects for their future careers.

Work in a High-Tech Industry

If you’re a student looking forward to working in a high-tech industry, don’t count agriculture out. The agricultural sector often uses technologically advanced farming equipment to get the job done. Students that are familiar with this type of equipment and the latest developments in science and engineering will find themselves in high demand in the agricultural industry.

The likes of GPS systems, AI, robots, and drones are all welcome in the modern world of agriculture. Tech-savvy students that are ready to use this type of equipment will find themselves at the forefront of this industry.

Enjoy Long-Term Job Security

Agriculture is one industry that isn’t disappearing anytime soon. As the food is an essential commodity, working in this industry will always guarantee you a job. This is good news for most students just coming out of high school or college that are looking to find a career with job security.

In addition to increased job security, many students will find that they don’t need any specific qualifications or degrees to get started. Likewise, students that are interested in studying agriculture will be able to put their degrees to use in a high-paying position.

Get Paid More

While most people may associate agriculture jobs with the trope of a penniless farmer, the reality is that agriculture pays high above the national average. Likewise, this industry also has higher satisfaction and retention rates as well. Moreover, employees that work in the agriculture sector can look forward to perks like company cars and work phones.

Agriculture is much more than farming. This industry offers lifelong careers to those dedicated to pushing the agriculture sector forward. If you’re looking for a career with guaranteed employment, technologically advanced equipment, job security, and great pay, consider the world of agriculture.

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