HOW TO HANDLE THE CLASS By Diah Trisnamayanti Soekarmono, S.S.

As a new or experienced teacher sometime we shall learn how to map the problem of those classes we teach. Any different country has a diversity to handle students. In Indonesia the student abilities which have the rate well are almost in the same quality for Intelligent Quotation (IQ) students for public school will be able to handle the problem comes to them. While more private schools have more kinds of it and more chances to look and research for their problems against their school life. The student who has well IQ hasn’t been successful to chain their life. The Emotional Quotation (EQ) perhaps is kind of magical tools in man’s body to overview even in a little bit things if he would like to achieve in the earth for the consideration.

Why do I tell about the different capability and the diversity in the handicap of it through in both of public and private Indonesia schools? It mentions that we have more problems to handle it in every class of some kind schools later is not going to be different. What we need is the humble to catch which one is utilize for coming over or not. IQ is not as a standard for easily to handle. Sometime a teacher is going to be mischievous whereas she/he is the new comer without the same intelligent and creative one with the students. In the other side students who just need performance to be recognized others are more actively to disturb another students by talking, throwing or being silent if we give them easily questions, slowly to do any kind of given tasks and so on. The needs to concord are giving the emotional touch and brain in order to be able to run the program well and the students can absorb the knowledge more than he can.  

The managerial class is indeed needed to run the teacher program in that class successfully. The managerial class is involved in being understandable that who the students enjoy the class is, who the students get the boring situation is and who the students get more troubles each lesson is. All have different approaches. Sometime more trick action shall be shown up through the students who are in the positive or negative top problem in one class. The teacher shall find many steps and ways to solve the students need. The risk for teacher’s action to handle the trouble-makers in the class shall be prepared in order that when they attack with another movement or behavior can be initiative to release more wisely that they just need us as guidance to be what they want. So we need the rule who make their motivation can enhance but they know what they shall do when they get the lesson.

This is adequate to anticipate them as a friend whom we need to share something or opinion as our problem even we have a solution and they are available to participate the teacher’s program not only one who just gets the command in the class but a part of the program. Involving students in every step they needs to explore will make them know that in the difficult time we are there for them. It means that we have handled the part of relationship among students in the class. Melted vision between teacher and students will make the program able to achieve as the purpose of education. The consequences will happen through the relationship if we don’t anticipate that closed relationship between teacher and one student isn’t done as well as, everyone can think worst especially about the students score or anything which is not professional teacher anymore. So preparing it much more!

 The ability to make students come down of the conflicted issue for themselves and the situation shall really motivate teachers to handle them in the class. The teacher shall have confidence to prepare them more what they can run on their life if they do something wrong or right. They just need comfortable to deliver their free opinion about something they see, feel, touch and do as a curious teenager. The teacher is only giving a hand to let what their willing is in a great corridor or barrier as the expectation of society in the country.

The creative teachers are always waited for some methods through students for making them able to have a good character to advance as a professional one and a part of society in the country to bring about the developed country. Re-build up for students shall be implemented through all teachers who give the lesson there. So come on to do it as we love our student spirit to concord their ambitious by giving them safety and comfortably learns in the class…! You can do the best.

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