Job Opportunities After Getting Cisco CCNP Certification Training

CCNP courses provide more advanced networking knowledge and skills, compared to CCNA and only comes second to the CCIE certification. Long story short, the Cisco Certified Network Professional certification is an advanced level IT certification that prepares you to assume top ranking IT positions in organizations.

A CCNP certification validates your ability to properly plan, set up and maintain networks using Cisco products and technologies to operate. This certification is also proof that you can easily troubleshoot local and wide area network, which have over 500 nodes. Pretty cool, and that is why CCNP holders are among the most sort after IT professionals by employers.

CCNP Earning Potential

Although you may not receive a six-figure salary with the Cisco Certified Network Professional certification, expect to pocket as much as $80,000-$96,000 a year for your services and expertise. CCNP experts are always well compensated for their services as CCNP bears a good earning potential.

However, the amount of money you earn will depend on a number of factors. How much you earn will for instance depend on the job role that you are employed to do. Information technology managers for example, will not earn the same as network engineers. It is important to therefore inquire how much a company is willing to pay you for the particular position they want you to occupy. Never assume that all roles or positions pay the same.

Other factors that will influence what your salary will be include the size of the company that is hiring you and your level of experience.

Potential Job Opportunities for CCNP Experts

There are several job positions that can be filled by a person with a Cisco Certified Network Professional certification. It’s necessary that you are aware of all the job positions you can fill once you obtain your CCNP certification so that you can apply for and choose a role that gives you the most satisfaction and is the best fit for your skill set or interests.

  1. Network Services Manager

Many organizations cannot function without a Network Manager. A network services manager oversees the smooth operations of organization network systems and will be expected to take leading roles in basically everything related to the company’s network systems.

  1. Certified IT Administrator

IT administrators typically provide technical support. They are the people who will be called upon whenever other employees face problems with their systems or IT products. Any kind of technical assistance related to the company’s network will be dealt with by an IT administrator, which is why CCNP experts are given top hiring priority for such roles.

  1. Network Engineer

The sole purpose of a network engineer in many occasions is to maintain the high integrity of the network infrastructure of an organization. There are there to implement, maintain, support and develop communication networks.

All these are key examples of job opportunities that are mainly meant for Cisco Certified Network Professionals.

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