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1. Rebels fighting for national independence took over a theater and held the audience hostage. Soldier ended the hostage crisis but 100 hostages died as a result of the method used. What "wannabe" nation did the rebels represent?

Abigail Adams and Barbara Bush

2. Name two American women who were the wives and mothers of Presidents.


3. In Homer's Odyssey, the sorceress Circe used her magic to turn men into what?

They were all beheaded - the Planaria can re-grow its head

4. Sometimes man has reason to envy the lesser animals. For instance, a football player might wish to run as fast as a cheetah. What reason might Sir Walter Raleigh, Thomas Cromwell, and Sir Thomas More have for coveting the unusual ability of the flatworm Planaria?


5. The world's highest waterfall is Angel Falls, Venezuela. What is the highest waterfall in the United States?

Iron, Nickel, Cobalt

6. What are the three elements that are affected by magnets?

The director does not come from a country recognized by the United Nations

7. Devine Intervention, a film by a Palestinian, Elia Sulieman, has been acclaimed internationally but cannot compete for an Oscar. Why not?


8. What is the basic building block (element) for organic compounds?


9.The Bush administration's efforts to track down terrorists appears to have had an unintended consequence. There are now more card-carrying members of this organization than ever in its 82 year history.


10. From which European country came the settlers who built the first log cabins in America?

Woodrow Wilson

11. Who is the only American President buried in Washington, D.C.?

Lady Jane Grey

12. Anne Boleyn was Queen of England for 1000 days. Who was Queen England for 9 days?

Caliban/The Tempest

13.What Shakespearean character said, "You taught me language, and my profit on it is I know how to curse. The red plague rid you for learning me your language."

Queen Victoria and James Buchanan

14.Soon after the completion of the first Trans-Atlantic cable, a queen and the President of the United States exchanged messages. Who were they?


15.What southern state leads the U.S. in installing computers with Internet access in classrooms.?


Spain, Francisco Pizarro, Atahualpa

16.In 1531, the Incas in Peru were conquered by a European nation. What was the nation? Who led the conquerors? Who led the Incas?

To manufacture rum

17.During the Colonial Period of American history, molasses was imported from the West Indies to the colonies. For what purpose?

The Moon

18.Which has a stronger effect on the earth's ocean tides - the gravitation of the moon or the gravitation of the sun?.

The Kremlin

19.Name the palace in Eastern Europe which incorporates 3 cathedrals, 7 churches, a monastery and a convent?


20.Warnings from al-Qaeda stirred fears that terrorists might attack oil tankers. No where has that concern been greater than in the straits between Malaysia and Indonesia where ¼ of the world's oil shipments pass. Name the straits?

Martin Van Buren

21. Who was the first President who was born an American citizen?

Gulliver's Travels

22.A part of this story deals with wearers of high heels and low heels and a controversy over the question of whether eggs should be broken at the big end or small end. What is the story?

What scientists thought were traces of water were actually frozen carbon dioxide

23.Why was the hunt for life on Mars dealt a major blow this year?

Elizabeth I/England

24. Which European monarch said, "I know I have the body of weak and feeble woman, but I have the heart and stomach of a king…?"


25.If y to the fourth power is divided by 4y equals 2, what is the value of y?

Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana

26.If you you draw a straight line from the White House to the Sears Tower in Illinois, what are four states the line would pass through before reaching Illinois?


27.The colors of a soap bubble are produced largely by which of these phenomena - interference, polarization, dispersion, reflection, or refraction?


28.Does music by Schubert and Schuman fall into the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, or Impressionist period of music history?

John Quincy Adams

29.What American President daily swam nude in the Potomac River?

Synchronous Dynamic Rand Access Memory

30.Consumers considering a new computer are being advised to increase the SDRAM. What does SDRAM stand for?

Round 3 - 15 POINTS

 Lancaster and York

31. England and France were opponents in the Hundred Years War. Who were the opponents in the War of the Roses?

Norwegian and English

32. Which two national flags were the first to be planted at the South Pole?

The Ecliptic

33. What do astronomers call the plane of the Earth's orbit as seen from the sun?

Secretary of State

34. Thomas Jefferson, John Quincy Adams, Daniel Webster, and William Jennings Bryan all held the same political office. What was the office?


35. A 75% turnout among the voters of a territory administered by Denmark failed to produce a majority for a party to form a new government. What was the territory?

Harry S. Truman

36. Who was the only American President in this century to not have a dog while he served in the White House?

Patricians and Plebeians

37. What were the names of the two classes of citizens of ancient Rome?


38. A pair of dice are thrown twice. What is the probability that the sum of the dice on both throws will be seven?

Dutch, Irish, Welsh, Scottish, English, Swiss, German

39. In looking at the heritage of all 42 Presidents, only seven nationalities can be identified. Name six of them?

Iowa, Missouri, Mississippi, Kentucky

40. I will name four state capitals - Des Moines, Jefferson City, Jackson, Frankfort. Tell me of what states are they the capital.


41. A person standing on the latitude 85 degrees south is standing on what continent?


42. Mathematicians and scientists have a term for the number 10 to the 100th power. What is the term?

Grover Cleveland (Baby Ruth)

43. What President had a daughter, who was born while he served, who had a candy bar named after her?

The Importance of Being Ernest

44. In which Oscar Wilde play do we meet Algernon and Aunt Augusta?

Emily Dickinson

45. What American poet, born December 10, 1830, in Amherst, Massachusetts, was never married?



46. This South American country is bordered by Peru and Chile on the west, Paraguay on the south, and Brazil on the north and east. What is the country?

Title IX

47. A Presidential Commission is studying potential changes in the federal legislation establishing equity in collegiate sports. What is the common name for that legislation?

48 minutes

48. If a girl walks to school at 4 miles per hour and it takes her exactly one hour, how long will it take her if she walks at 5 miles per hour?

Boer War

49. In 1899 Winston Churchill was captured and imprisoned. Later he escaped. What was the name of the war that he was involved in when these events occurred?

50. President Bush signed into law legislation to create what new Internet domain?

A trill, tremulo, or vibrato

51. An ornament in which vocal or instrumental music in which one note alternates rapidly with the next to give a shaking effect is called what?

Shirley Chisholm

52. Who was the first African-American woman elected to Congress?

Shortest- James Madison five foot 4 inches - tallest Abraham Lincoln six feet four inches - heaviest William Howard Taft more than 300 pounds

53. Name the shortest, tallest, and heaviest American Presidents?

Rachel Carson

54. What biologist touched off the ecological movement to ban DDT?

Free Verse

55. Blank verse is an arrangement of poetic lines in iambic pentameter without rhyme. What do we call poetry expressed in rhythmical lines without regard to meter or rhyme?


56. 4%, 14%, 24%, 34% - Which percentage most closely represents the proportion of agricultural workers in the American labor force?

Ronald Reagan

57. Who was the oldest American President at the time of his inauguration.


58. Who was the first American President to name a woman to his cabinet?


59. The major temperature scales are Celsius, Fahrenheit, and Kelvin. In which scale would 0 degrees be the warmest?

Rhode Island

60. Puritans established the Massachusetts colony. Anne Hutchison and Roger Williams were expelled from the colony for their religious beliefs. What colony did they found?




Thunderstorms originate from what type of cloud?

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