Each day we walk back and forth between Rafiki House and CKC Centre for our teacher workshops. We usually walk through town but we have also been taking different paths through a maize crop, across a soccer pitch, through a back path between small farms and see new things every day. The only days that we don't wonder down new paths is on Mondays and Thursdays because these are the market days in King'ori. We really look forward to market days and begin to plan the day before for making small purchases from the many vendors.

Yesterday we were discussing the market and our inability to really share what the market was like. We can post pictures showing the people and the goods for sale but it is impossible to share how the market sounds. We can hear the chatter of the shoppers, the calling of the vendors, the noise of the chickens, goats and sheep along with the roar of the occasional motor bike or car that races through the the town. I did say race because they don't tend to slow down but instead they honk their horn in order to alert us so that we move rapidly out of their way. It's also difficult to share what it feels like to walk amongst the vendors asking questions about the goods and learning new words such as: pili pili ho ho and ndizi along with negotiating prices for goods.

From the market we've purchased oranges.bananas, a papaya, avocados, tea. beautiful wraps and amazing fabric. Maureen and Caroline have had skirts made by a local seamstress from fabric they purchase while Eileen is having a dress made. We take photos in the market but try to be discreet so that we won't upset local people but at the same time we also have our picture taken because it is a novel experience for some people to have Mzungus shopping. We see teachers from the workshops at the market picking up food before they go home and we've helped one teacher choose the best sweater! We've also seen Henry from CKC Centre at the market. When we see people we know it makes us feel less like outsiders and more a small part of the community.

The colours of the market are vibrant as is the fabric worn by the local woman. It is truly a wonderful experience that we enjoy twice a week in King'ori.

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