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Moot Courts- Learning About The Government And Applying This Through Argumentation

1. Dec. 7, 1941- FDR and American Military Knew About The Attack Before It Happened

prosecution- brings the case that FDR and major military US officials knew before the attack what was going on 

defense- it was a surprise attack without warning or knowledge

Date- Monday Dec. 7, 2015-  74 years after the fact

2. Warren Commission Report- Accurate Representation Of What Took Place in Dallas, Texas or Not?

Prosecution- Warren Commission was not representative of the facts
Defense- the report was representative of the facts

Date  March 21, 2016    Earl Warren's birthday is March 19- 1891 

3. The American Empire- why has the US foreign policy been so aggressive since WWII?

Prosecution- US Foreign Policy of Aggression and Intervention was constructed and maintained by Empire desires not wanting to help different groups of people

Defense- The US has been the policeman of the world since WWII and has helped various people in self determination

April 2016 

4. Selling of the US President - The American Political Process is Not Democratic But Rather No More Than A Large Advertising Campaign

Prosecution- the US is not a democracy- people are brought, packaged and sold like products in the political world
Defense- the people actually participate in the process and know what they are voting for and why

Jan- 2016  to be timed to be around the Iowa Caucuses

5. Genetically Modified Organism are essential to be in our food supply and food security

Prosecution- GMO are beneficial 
Defense- GMO's are harmful to humans

October 2015

6. President Harry Truman Committed War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity By Dropping The Nuclear Bombs on Japan

Prosecution: President Truman committed War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity

Defense- President Truman did not commit these crimes

16 Sept. 2015


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