Tips For Making Your Classroom Activities Both Fun And Educational

The topic of how best to educate young minds and prepare them for life’s future endeavors has been at the forefront of controversy for some time now. What has been left to suffer, however, is often the delivery of these well-prepared lessons in the classroom. Keeping students engaged while still managing to convey the importance of the skills that are being taught can be challenging, so here are a few helpful tips to implement in your daily routine.


Start Strong

The first few minutes of a lesson are what will set the tone for the rest of the forty-five minutes to an hour that you have your student or students. Try to begin with an activity that involves movement to keep everyone alert and eager to see what comes next. For example, at the beginning of a history lesson, have the students take turns doing impressions of one of the figures you will be speaking about. Everyone will get a chance to see the person as real by imagining him or her speak, and you will get an idea of what each person knows about the person they are impersonating.



Every person learns differently. Some may learn best through hearing a speaker, while others might require something more hands on to solidify a concept in their minds. One idea during an English class could be to have word Bingo where the students listen for specific words and can win a prize if they complete a line and can point out when you said them. Another fun activity could be to keep track of the number of times a specific word such as “reciprocal” is said during a lesson, and the students who have the correct answer can be given a reward of your choice.


End Strong

Allowing your students time to practice applying what they have learned where you can observe them gives you the chance to let them ask questions and to be sure that they understand how to use what you have taught. Team activities for worksheets at the end of class can help students lead one another in the right direction as well as to help ease their worries as they take on a task together instead of alone. Perhaps the best application for a lesson could be to have older students look up on their tablets or phones an application of whatever was discussed during the day’s lesson and giving a reward to the most unique use.



Ultimately, the most effective teachers are those who are ready to use their skills to educate minds. Knowing how to handle a large class or a small group comes from practice and experience that you can only acquire through studying how best to convey concepts. If you are a tutor, then one way to better prepare yourself as an educator would be to earn your teaching certification as a way to broaden your horizon and expose yourself to new methods of learning. Another way to ensure that you are up to date with the latest educational constructs is to pursue a master’s degree in special education. This can give you the skills needed to succeed in certain areas of teaching. With the right education and preparation, you can feel more confident in your teaching abilities.


These are only a few ways to spice up a daily lesson and keep your class on their toes while still providing them with the knowledge they need to succeed. In the end, finding an activity or style that suits your own abilities and class structure will keep you true to your strengths and illicit the best response. Even though keeping topics fun and educational can be challenging, the rewards are worth the extra effort.

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