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Why?  Some teachers ask why?  Some teachers ask why not?  Who is actually correct?  This is a questions that has personally puzzles me for the majority of my life.  As a student there were some classes I enjoyed much more than others. As a teacher there were classes I enjoyed much more teaching than other classes.  As a principal there were classrooms I enjoyed going into much more than others.  As a Curriculum Director I quickly learned that there is curriculum that works much better with one group of people than other people.

With all of this being said, how can you improve your classroom?  Some people say it takes money to make change.  Not being a lifelong business person, I would tell you education and business are two different models.  Learning is unlike any business model that I know of. The purpose of education is simple it is to learn.  The purpose of business is to make money.  Since education's purpose should be learning- this emphasis on money will not provide the wanted gains in learning.  What we are doing with these projects is to bring the world to your classroom.  We are changing how education is being delivered and in doing so we are changing the model of education by simply changing our views on education.  We are not here to make money rather we are here to increase learning in the classroom.

Last week we offered this new program to teachers all around the world.  Over 100 teachers joined the first week.  They came from forty different countries.  Frankly this was impressive.  Without help- just word of mouth and a passion for education, I tried to inform teachers about a different way to learn.

We have three projects

Food For Thought

Project Courtroom

ICC Moot Court

Look over these links- please register and be part of the fastest growing International Teacher Group that will help you bring the world to your classroom.  


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