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3D e-Content for 100 Kenyan Schools and Digital Villages

In trail of the successful Regional Conference of e learning in Kenya (March 2010), The Kenya ICT Trust Fund has partnered with Designmate…


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Partners In Learning ICT in Education workshop

I have been in South Africa Johannesburg, from 14th March to 21st March 2010, attending a Microsoft Partners in learning (PiL) workshop that brings together ICT in Education project managers, trainer of trainers and education solution providers in Africa. The experience of meeting, sharing and networking with ICT in education experts and champions from…


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Inveneo Computers for Ekialo Kiona

This week I had a privileged and humbling experience of meeting Kristin Peterson: CEO& Co –Founder Inveneo Inveneo is Technology Company specializing inventing and promoting realistic and viable technology solutions in rural areas .Inveneo have in their philosophy the view that technology is only ½ the battle in creating a knowledge based economy.

Providing appropriate /relevant Human skills and capacity is as crucial as… Continue

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Sometimes we Know it in the Heart

Is this not relly a beautiful flag? Now i want to imagine what message this flag in a heart conveys. How lovely it would be at the centre of a compass,showing the many directions love can reach out .Then each country chapter would have such a flag to symbolise loyalty,patriotism love.

2 Teach is 2 Touch Souls/Hearts.Teachers touch the hearts of kids,sometimes more than parents.Look,teachers spend more hours with the kids than the parents… Continue

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Obama's Speech:Let Children Get The Inspiration

What the heck of this was 'to allow /not to air the “Obamaspeech” to schools about? Denial of basic freedoms like those of listening and participation only plays reverse psychology. Someone needed schooling about this.

Some food for thought, I must have read somewhere that rules are not valid because the senate passed them, or because heroes played by them, or because God pronounced them through Moses or Mohammed; they are valid only if and when… Continue

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Lingering Questions

Lingering Questions

This year two weeks ago I hosted a team of Teachers Without Borders Canada -Educators from North America .For four weeks, we had pedagogy and ICT integration workshops at the Suba centre in Mbita, Gilgil and Naivasha. Of course we had lots of challenges with technology. Poor/inadequate infrastructure, low e-awareness and an almost discouraging lack of e-competency by teachers, quite much unlike in the urban areas. However,… Continue

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Lonely Island -Real Education Divide

During our pre-workshop visits we had the privilege of visiting Kibuogi primary school on Kibuogi Island. Like a tale of two worlds apart, Kibuogi has no road, no hospital, no police; The Island has a population between 1000 and 600 depending on the fishing season. Most of the residents are migrant fisherfolk.All manners of child abuse is rampant in an island that knows no formal government. The school has never has only done national exams twice in its…


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Suba District Workshops

We have just completed a two week ICT integration and pedagogy workshop at the Suba youth Resource Centre, with Teachers without Borders Canada. The Suba Youth Resource Centre, has been completely re-energized by the by the powerful ICT integration workshops. Our first itinerary involved random/ arbitrary school visits with permission from the Ministry of Education-Directorate of Quality Assurance and Starndards .We took our guests to schools in the Kibuogi, Rusinga, Mfangano and Remba… Continue

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Cue from best practices in Education

I was looking at the Earth Treasury wiki and found it wonderful project, piggybacking on OLPC's computer program in education in order to further health, economic opportunity, human rights, and anything else in the way of sustainable development. Nothing could have come to me at the appropriate time than this resource. My interest is provoked by our desire to put teachers and children in public schools in Kenya, on the path of ICT’s, more specifically, how to use ICT is improving learning… Continue

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Time to rethink the Free Primary Education in Kenya.

What the US government is doing in revamping education in America is may be just what Kenya needs now more than ever. While our education system is a pale comparison to the education systems in the northern countries Kenya’s education (like that of her sister East African states) needs a bold radical surgery in the public education.

Whereas the government of Kenya continues to grapple with insurmountable social and economic challenges, it should not be lost to us that the quality of… Continue

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Internet Buddy Guide

Dear Teachers,

A friend of mine in the UK was looking at the BBC News site a few days ago, and found they had a story and video about young people teaching older people (the "Digitally Excluded") how to get started with computers and the internet. The story is called "How to teach a Technophobe".

He observes that ,for those people with dependable broadband( the situation might be diferent in 3rd world countries ), the video is very useful, showing a girl teaching an older woman… Continue

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Gender and Education: Tackling the Challenges to Girl-child Education in Kenya

Education of girls is essential in the drive by nations to achieve the Millennium Development Goals .Although the education policy of most African countries do not discriminate against girls and women, there is a serious gender disparity in enrolment and transition form one level to the next, especially in rural Africa.

Many girls hardly get the right/relevant type of education that would make them overcome the social, cultural and health challenges .Hardly does the education system… Continue

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Time to Overhaul Teaching in Kenya

Teachers in Kenya are now backing in class after two weeks of a nationwide strike over pay issues. The lop side of it is that students may not complete the syllabus. This is made worse by the fact that many were out of school for at least a month last year due to the post election violence.

The Teachers Service Commission may well have carried its threat carry out its threat to ‘sack the striking teacher’s en-masse’. Replacing them with inexperienced graduates and retirees would only… Continue

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