4 Unique Approaches to K-12 Education that Could Work for You Too

Every person is different, but the way we teach them during their formative years is almost entirely homogeneous. For every student the standard K-12 path of education is ideal for, there's going to be one who's incredibly ill-suited to it. Fortunately for them, there are enough lesser-known approaches to K-12 education that can provide alternative environments where they can get the most out of their formative years of education.


Montessori School


Montessori education is meant to take a new approach to schooling to subvert perceived flaws in the standard system. These institutions teach mixed-aged classrooms, prioritize giving students uninterrupted blocks of time to work, and teach students by having them choose activities from within an already set range of options. The type of student freedom a Montessori classroom offers may be the best option for children who aren't getting much out of the standard K-12 system, regardless of whether they're struggling with it or too bright for it. Or both, which is more common than people usually think.


Cyber School


Since online classes don't have a rigid schedule that needs to be followed, they can be a boon for kids for whom the normal school schedule isn't working. Students following a passion that demands long hours of daily practice, teenagers in districts with early school hours whose psyches aren't up to making consistent early mornings, or people with social anxiety can benefit. Though more structured than homeschooling, this approach requires parent attention to keep even self-driven students on task.


Boarding School

Some kids may do best in institutes which impose structure. Certain personalities thrive when pushed to be their best, and can build on a structured lifestyle to achieve more. Sometimes, people can get more done with the basic details of life dealt with for them through the existence of a more rigid lifestyle. Military boarding schools like Admiral Farragut Academy can be homes for these kids where they find the structure and discipline they need to succeed—even if they aren’t considering a career in the military.


Studying Abroad Early


Kids who thrive in challenging situations with a passion for foreign language can take advantage of foreign exchange programs to shake up their routine. The experience of transitioning to a completely new environment is stressful, but can also be life changing.



These approaches only showcase a small sampling of the different options available to teach kids. None of the more unusual approaches to the K-12 are as obvious or easy as signing up with or staying signed up with the local public or private school: These paths can be an uphill slog for parents. The difference it makes to a child's life, however, can be worth it.

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