Education Expedition: 4 Degrees to Get You Out Of the Country

Going abroad, either in a study abroad program or in your professional life, is often a memorable experience. Sometimes, people just want to get out of the United States because they have an interest in the greater world beyond. There are ways you can prepare to go abroad during and after your educational career, and here are four degrees to get you out and about.


1. International Relations


It should go without saying that an international relations degree will make it much easier for you to venture out of the country during your college years and career. Students who study international relations learn historical and current diplomatic, cultural and economic relationships between counties. You can choose to specialize in a specific region, and it would be very beneficial in your education to seek acceptance into a study abroad program. Individuals with international relations majors might be diplomats, university professors or international lawyers.


2. Public Relations


A public relations degree is becoming increasingly valuable in the marketplace. Public relations is increasingly becoming a global business, as businesses and governments have to reach out to citizens and customers in other countries more and more. PR positions are expected to grow, largely thanks to the increased exposure brought on by social media and the Internet. As a public relations specialist, your job is to present your client in the best light by planning events and coaching them on how to appear before the world. Your work can easily be done for foreign clients.


3. Language


Majoring in a language of your choice is another great degree for travel, work or study abroad. After all, it's considerably more difficult to learn or become fluent in a language without near total immersion. It's practically expected that you spend some time living and working in a country that speaks the language you're studying. You can also get certified as an English as a second language (ESL) teacher in order to teach abroad right out of college.


4. History


Historians frequently specialize in areas that require them to go abroad, as not everyone is solely interested in the history of the United States. For example, if you're interested in East Asian history, the best place to go to learn more about it and see and study tangible sites is East Asia.



While you can study abroad with just about any major, certain degrees, like the four listed above, specifically prepare you for an international career that will see you travelling out of the country and broadening your horizons. If you want to leave the country, temporarily or permanently, these are all valid educational paths to take.

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