College is one excitement-filled, stressful, but ultimately rewarding experience. While the idea of studying abroad doesn’t enter everyone’s head, we think it’s definitely a great option to consider, especially for students who seek adventure. If you’re wondering about what else is out there and why you should look at foreign colleges if you want to combine excellent education with cultural exchange, we present a few benefits that might motivate you further.

New cultures, new experiences

The world is a diverse place, full of varied cultures and interests, different people, and strange things. To branch out and see something other than your home town has a bigger impact than you’d think. Just moving from the US to the UK can mean a cultural shock, despite the fact that you technically speak the same language and share a portion of history. Being exposed to something that’s just plain different than what you’re used to is exciting, interesting, and tends to widen your horizons and make you aware of new possibilities.

You’ll grow as a person

Moving to a different country is a scary thing and always requires a period of adjustment. Stress is to be expected, and the first month will be tough as you experience melancholy, but being put in a different surrounding has a good impact on you. You’ll have to become capable, you’ll have to find ways to think on your feet and react to the unexpected, and you’ll grow up to be a more skilled, braver individual.

Different education

You’ll have the opportunity to pick a study program that’s suited specifically to your tastes, and the cool thing is that different countries have different methods of education. Australia, for example, is a popular choice for the English-speaking world as it offers quality education coupled with diversity and friendly natives. The University of Queensland is renowned for its research innovations, and you can find excellent student accommodation in Brisbane. Whether you pick an English-speaking country or go on an even bigger challenge and decide to study in China, Switzerland, or maybe Spain, you’re bound to have a very interesting experience.

Learning a new language

And yes, even if all of your classes are in English, if you go to a foreign country you’ll have an amazing chance to start speaking a new language. You’ll be surrounded by it from all sides, and it takes very little effort to reach out and grasp the opportunities you’ll be surrounded by.

Better job options

Studying abroad lets employers know that you’re the kind of person who doesn’t shy away from a challenge, and that you probably have a very unique experience that could benefit any company. It will look good on your resume, especially if you keep in touch with your old college buddies and end up having good connections abroad – that way you’ll know if an opportunity pops up to move back to the country where you went to college and start a new life. It’s always good to have options.

Discovering friendships and interests

College friendships are unique because you’ll basically be surrounded by people who share your passions and interests. If you study abroad, some cultural diversity is added into the mix, and you end up with very close friendships that both pander to your own values and interests, and also add a touch of something that’s out of the ordinary for you. It’s exciting, and it’s very valuable to be close to someone who’s different from you, who can teach you more about their culture and gives you the opportunity to do the same.

If you have the opportunity to study abroad, we recommend that you take it. While challenging, the experience is simply too good to pass up as it gives you a very special set of skills and helps you grow as a person.

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