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The Next Level in Farming, 5 Technologies to Watch Out For

Innovations have never been more important in agriculture than nowadays. The industry is experiencing big challenges from a shortage of labour, changes in preferences and sustainability as well as drastic raises of costs of supplies. But that is why there has been increasing recognition from corporations to come up with solutions that will help overcome those challenges.

Even though drones are something that is simple to use and they are great for collecting data in short time frames, there are still some chances for improvement as people are facing some challenges in day to day uses. What people don't realise is that they are almost no help if you will need a drone to map out or monitor a large area and that is why they are improving constantly so all the requirements can be met. But that is also why people who have larger areas to cover use satellite monitoring.

Precision Farming
For those who are looking to simplify their field operations, there is nothing better for crop monitoring than EOS. This is a digital platform that will allow you to use satellite monitoring to speed up your decision making. There are so many amazing features to this such as the normalised difference vegetation index as well as the ability to scan the amount of chlorophyll in your plants and the ability to obtain all the information about your plants’ conditions.

Indoor Vertical Farming
If you are struggling with space and increasing your crop yields, there is nothing better than indoor vertical farming. You will be able to expand the limited land area and it is one of the best smart farming solutions if you want to be more sustainable. It is defined as growing your produce by stacking them above one another and making it a closed and controlled environment. That is because when you are using growing shelves that are vertically mounted rather than horizontally, you will be saving land space and you will be able to grow more crops. It is one of the best solutions for those who are growing crops in urban environments.

Scouting Apps
Another amazing app is an accounting app that will allow people to access multiple tasks in just a couple of clicks. You will be able not only to set tasks but you will be able to drop pins as well as add fields. When you assign a task, the council will move directly to the area you have selected and it will verify the problematic areas, do weed management activities, look for pests as well as add the records in the app immediately. By having your scouter do it for you and you just need to assign the tasks, you will be able to save so much time and dedicate it to further inspection of problem areas and taking preventative actions.

Weather Analysis
Another amazing technological advancement that will change the farming culture is weather analisis. It will help all the farmers actually apply the irrigation and help prevent any crop loss due to frostbite and heatwaves. One of the best drip irrigations is preventing drought issues with just an automatic valve. So, when there is a dry area, the farmer can directly target that issue.

In the last couple of years, the technological advancements have washed over the agriculture world. The agriculture industry is doing its best to digest all what the wave has brought to this industry and how they can utilise everything to make things more profitable and easier. By utilizing the improvements, you are most likely going to experience lower costs and higher yields as well as sustainability which is something very important if you want to thrive.

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