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How to Successfully and Accurately Assess Student Online Learning

Back in the times when we, the dinosaurs, went to school, it was all about the pen-and-paper pop quizzes. Tests and quizzes were all there was, interrupted by the occasional verbal quizzes. Much to the joy of present-day students, those days are long gone, and pen-and-paper quizzes are slowly becoming obsolete. Instead, teachers are giving their students a chance to answer questions using hand signals, thumbs up or down, but also online polls and chat boxes if the work is…


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ELearning vs LMS - What Are They and What are the Differences?

There are several words used to describe software like LearnUpon. "LMS" is the one we utilize most commonly (learning management system). Why? LMS is the most commonly used phrase to describe our software and its characteristics.

If you're new to the eLearning world or looking for an eLearning solution, you'll…


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The Next Level in Farming, 5 Technologies to Watch Out For

Innovations have never been more important in agriculture than nowadays. The industry is experiencing big challenges from a shortage of labour, changes in preferences and sustainability as well as drastic raises of costs of supplies. But that is why there has been increasing recognition from corporations to come up with solutions that will help overcome those… Continue

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5 Reasons Why Investing in Franchises Might Be What You Are Looking For

Working from 9 to 5 might be the norm today, but it can hardly be called fulfilling. And while it’s a wonderful way to work your days away if you have no interest in business yourself, those who have always wanted to try entrepreneurship might feel restricted in such a setting. Why would you work hard for someone else’s success if you also have the option to take things into your own hands and start working for your own? If you have some money to invest, becoming your own boss is not very…


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Registered Training Organizations Are On the Rise

One of the biggest problems with traditional education lies in the fact that it’s delivered to people on a semi-mandatory basis (societal, parental and peer pressure). This means that those attending these educational organizations often lack intrinsic motivation, to a degree. Enlisting on an RTO (registered training organization) is something entirely different.

Seeing as how these courses are vocational, it’s…


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How to Maintain a Clean and Clutter-Free Desk

Keeping a clutter-free desk is a notion that sounds fairly simple in theory, yet, might be much more challenging in practice. Sure, your desk starts neat and clean, yet, this default state isn’t necessarily ideal either. Just think about it, there are some items that you need frequent and instant access to, which is what the surface of the desk is simply ideal for. Still, making a selection of these items, as well as recognizing the fact that this priority changes over time, just isn’t…


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Things to Know When Moving to Australia as an International Student

Australia is the land of opportunity and while some look forward to permanently migrating to the continent or settling there for good, there are those who merely look to get some of the outstanding Australian education to help them further their career. The University of Melbourne, University of Sydney and University of Queensland Australia are…


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7 Reasons To Spend A Gap Year Studying Abroad

Many people would say that the time they spent in high school or at university was the best period of their lives. But, you can make it even better if you decide to spend a gap year studying abroad. Whether you really need a break, or time to decide what to do next, or simply want to travel…


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