7 Reasons To Spend A Gap Year Studying Abroad

Many people would say that the time they spent in high school or at university was the best period of their lives. But, you can make it even better if you decide to spend a gap year studying abroad. Whether you really need a break, or time to decide what to do next, or simply want to travel while you can, this represents the great opportunity for you. Therefore, read on and find out the reasons to go for this life adventure.

  1. It’s now or never

If you always wondered how it would be to live somewhere else in the world, now is the perfect time to try it. Although it might sound unbelievable, you’ll never have the luxury of freedom as much as you do now. Being a student means that you are still not tied down by many obligations that job and family implies. Also, moving to another country includes finding a job and accommodation, dealing with bills and paperwork, and many other annoying issues. But, when studying abroad, you don’t have to worry about any of these since you’re the part of the well-organized student program. Plus, when you are young and enthusiastic, you are eager to go on an adventure.

  1. It’ll give you opportunity to experience different educational system

Each country has its own educational system. It means that courses, as well as the ways of teaching and approaching students, may be different from those in your country. Therefore, get prepared and investigate foreign educational systems before you hit the road. However, don’t get shaken by the differences. They’ll introduce you to the new ways of learning and studying in general. Also, take the advantage of benefits and resources the school offers.

  1. It’ll help you make new friends

Understandably, studying abroad will help you meet new friends from all around the world. Not only will it help you learn about their cultures, but it’ll give you an opportunity to share knowledge and take a look at the things that interest you from different perspectives. You’ll become more open and communicative, which will help you to easily adapt to new social groups later in life.

  1. It’ll help you learn new language

When studying abroad, you’re not simply passing by, but living among local people and it is said that immersion is one of the best ways to learn a new language. Whether the classes are in English or not, you are definitely going to learn the native language at some extent since you’ll be constantly exposed to it wherever you go - public transport, markets, shops, restaurants, etc. In case you really wish to become a fluent speaker, you can always take up a course in some of the language schools, such as SCE.

  1. It’ll provide you new perspectives

Living in a foreign country includes learning a new language, learning about different cultures, and learning to see the world from different perspectives. You’ll expand your horizons by discovering different ways of thinking and problem approaching. Furthermore, it’ll make you consider your life goals and desires. You’ll find out about occupations that aren’t so widespread in your country. And, who knows? You might even bring back home some of the ideas and start a new business one day.

  1. It’ll look impressive on your CV

Including the fact that you spent a gap year studying abroad into your CV will make you unique among the number of school or job applicants. It’ll definitely say a lot about your personality – interested in other cultures, courageous, open to new ideas, adaptable, ready to learn and explore, etc. Apart from the knowledge of a foreign language, it also highlights the fact that you can bring new and useful perspective to school or company.

  1. It’ll help you become independent

Although program stuff is usually available to you for any questions, you’re still on your own. You’ll have to deal with everyday obstacles all by yourself. For example, you’ll have to communicate with locals even though you don’t speak each other’s language, you’ll have to overcome the culture shock, you’ll have to manage the town, etc. Basically, you’ll have to go on in the real world. On the other hand, you’ll learn so much about yourself, your limits and your capabilities. Some hidden strength might even surprise you.

Time spent in high school and college is the period of our lives when we make our life decisions, meet life-long friends and get to know ourselves. Therefore, you should take the advantage of any opportunity you come across and make these years even better and unforgettable.

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