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Surrendipitous Timing

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Today was the day for discussing issues of access to ICT, and the formation of ICT committees in the schools. I had arranged to have a Skype call with someone who supports and coordinates ICT Integration at the school board level in my home school board. We were waiting to start the Skype call on the big screen when he dropped off Skype.

As I… Continue

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What a Treat!

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I was able to listen to a group a educators in a session this afternoon sing a song called “Shoshanna”. This is a song that is sung all over Africa during soccer matches and the like.. It was a wonderful mingling of the rich, powerful, happy voices of our colleagues. The rhythms of it went straight through to my core. I feel so lucky to have been there… Continue

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First Impressions of South Africa

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Well, I have been in South Africa, specifically Cape Town, for a little over a day now. I am here with a Teachers Without Borders – Canada team who will provide ICT training to for teachers from schools in the Townships.

While I am still trying to take it all in and assimilate what I have been seeing.

We visited the school where we will be… Continue

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Chronicling Africa Part 1 with TWBC09

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I have been on the road now for nearly a week now after finishing a crazy academic year of much travel and one of the best teaching years I can remember. The last few weeks have been a flurry of submitting reports, packing for a conference in DC and Africa, saying goodbye to staff and students at one school and meetings and introductions to a new school. When I return from Africa in late August, I will officially begin my new job of directing… Continue

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Mr. Peters, Prepare For Take-Off

June 28, 2009

On Friday I packed the last of my things, said my goodbyes to the staff, students and parents that I have worked with for the last five years, locked my classroom and handed in the key. On Monday, it will be given to someone else, and my nameplate will be removed and replaced, at least for the next two years.

I am now officially “on extended leave” from my life in Canada and my career in the Ontario public school system. While the staff… Continue

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Invite to all teachers and their learners to join Nederburg's Virtual School

I am inviting all great spirited teachers from around the world to join my Virtual School

We are a school that wants to Collaborate with schools from around the world. To create reusable learning content for our learners and enable them to explore the infinite possibilities that the Digital Media can offer.

Errol Keet

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Be Aware

First is to thank Almighty God for the life He Has given unto us.

Being an ICT teacher in North Eastern is a big Challenge. You wake up one day you find many learners to teach, Oh! the next day you don't have even one then you wonder what a day?

There is Low knowledge of ICT in the region so, there is need to create awareness to enhance the community about the need for ICT in the region in terms of regional and national development to assist the achievement of the vision… Continue

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Media Literacy in Nigeria

Youth Media in Nigeria

Lee Rother, PhD

In March 2006, I spent three incredibly rewarding and challenging weeks in Western Nigeria introducing Media Education to hundreds of primary and secondary students and their educators in numerous schools. My experiences in Nigeria came at the invitation of the Youth for Technology Organization, and Martins Akpan; the co-coordinator of Teens Resource Centre and producer of a community cable program titled TEENSWORLD on MCTV. This… Continue

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Cue from best practices in Education

I was looking at the Earth Treasury wiki and found it wonderful project, piggybacking on OLPC's computer program in education in order to further health, economic opportunity, human rights, and anything else in the way of sustainable development. Nothing could have come to me at the appropriate time than this resource. My interest is provoked by our desire to put teachers and children in public schools in Kenya, on the path of ICT’s, more specifically, how to use ICT is improving learning… Continue

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Time to rethink the Free Primary Education in Kenya.

What the US government is doing in revamping education in America is may be just what Kenya needs now more than ever. While our education system is a pale comparison to the education systems in the northern countries Kenya’s education (like that of her sister East African states) needs a bold radical surgery in the public education.

Whereas the government of Kenya continues to grapple with insurmountable social and economic challenges, it should not be lost to us that the quality of… Continue

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This blog post starts today 10 March 2009. Just back from training of educators on the use of OneNote in lesson preparation. The trainees were quite delighted.

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Growing Up In Africa's Cruelest War Zone

Growing Up In Africa's Cruelest War Zone

It's terrible to be a child anyplace without adequate food, shelter or access to education. Add war, and society's youngest members face a life of relentless horror and uncertainty. But even war seldom produces the kind of cruelty endured by children in African war turned zones like Sudan, Sierra Leone, Liberia, etc. Over the past two decades rebels in this war areas have systematically used child abuse as a military strategy. First children as… Continue

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Africa and Web 2.0

watch video here: video link

Added by Noble Kelly on February 19, 2009 at 13:30 — 2 Comments

International teaching

I'm interested in Michael's post about teaching in Guatamala. I'm at the other end of my teaching career in Canada but I'm interested in the type of opportunities he mentions. Are there opportunities outside the capitals?
Are these schools focussed on expats or the local population. I'd love to hear more after you've started.

Added by Ida Freer on February 15, 2009 at 18:39 — 2 Comments

International Teaching As A Stepping Stone To Development Work

I thought I would post a quick note inspired by the Queen's TORF event I attended last weekend. This is an annual event organized by the Faculty of Education at Queen's University. Various varieties of International, American, and International Baccalaureate schools from all over the world attend this event to hire teachers. I was blown away by how smooth, well organized and informative the weekend was.

While your typical… Continue

Added by Michael Peters on February 14, 2009 at 11:39 — 1 Comment

Internet Buddy Guide

Dear Teachers,

A friend of mine in the UK was looking at the BBC News site a few days ago, and found they had a story and video about young people teaching older people (the "Digitally Excluded") how to get started with computers and the internet. The story is called "How to teach a Technophobe".

He observes that ,for those people with dependable broadband( the situation might be diferent in 3rd world countries ), the video is very useful, showing a girl teaching an older woman… Continue

Added by Dan Andrew Otedo on February 11, 2009 at 3:30 — 1 Comment

Gender and Education: Tackling the Challenges to Girl-child Education in Kenya

Education of girls is essential in the drive by nations to achieve the Millennium Development Goals .Although the education policy of most African countries do not discriminate against girls and women, there is a serious gender disparity in enrolment and transition form one level to the next, especially in rural Africa.

Many girls hardly get the right/relevant type of education that would make them overcome the social, cultural and health challenges .Hardly does the education system… Continue

Added by Dan Andrew Otedo on January 31, 2009 at 18:15 — 3 Comments

Time to Overhaul Teaching in Kenya

Teachers in Kenya are now backing in class after two weeks of a nationwide strike over pay issues. The lop side of it is that students may not complete the syllabus. This is made worse by the fact that many were out of school for at least a month last year due to the post election violence.

The Teachers Service Commission may well have carried its threat carry out its threat to ‘sack the striking teacher’s en-masse’. Replacing them with inexperienced graduates and retirees would only… Continue

Added by Dan Andrew Otedo on January 31, 2009 at 13:17 — 2 Comments

New to TWB

I am quite excited to be a member of TWB-Canada. I was a Student Without Borders with World University Services of Canada and that was a very positive experience in Botswana. I am now taking the next step to be a member of TWB. I feel that education is the ticket out of poverty but education that values the context that people live in.

I do hope that my contributions will be meaningful and I am also hoping to learn a great deal that I can then imbed in my curricula.

I… Continue

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Kenya 2008 reflection

There’s something about the smell as soon as you walk out of the airport in Nairobi into the soft African night. The combination of diesel fumes, road dust and charcoal smoke from countless cooking fires began to fuel an excitement deep down inside that grew as I drove in the taxi towards the city, passing spreading acacia trees, illuminated billboards for Safaricom and Tusker beer, and even at that hour of the night, people. People walking along the side of the road, alone, in groups, carrying… Continue

Added by Anita Hahoe on September 1, 2008 at 0:14 — 1 Comment

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